A Powerhouse Portable Battery Pack


Trying to keep our growing pile of battery-draining devices juiced up – and their noose-like web of proprietary cords and adapters untangled – is increasingly a full-time job. The fact is, the faster, thinner and more app-laden our devices get, the faster they run out of power. The myCharge Peak 6000 is an instant solution for power smartphone users (pardon the pun), as well as anyone planning a long trip or, say, a hectic convention. The 6000 is a wall-recharged mobile battery pack that can simultaneously charge up to three devices; it comes with a built-in Apple 30-pin connector (which means you’ll need an adapter to handle the iPhone 5’s Lightning plug, until an updated model is released), but can handle almost any device that uses regular, mini, or micro USB. And unlike many other portable batteries out there, it can handle the higher-amperage iPad too. Dubbed the 6000 due to its gargantuan 6000mAh internal battery, this palm-size unit stores an outsize amount of power, enough to completely recharge an iPhone four times over. And unlike “dumb” battery chargers, this one even speaks four languages, in case you need to lend it out while traveling abroad, alerting you when the battery is fully charged or discharging to your device in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese. So while it isn’t able to talk you down from chucking your spent phone, it can make it so you’re never without power ever again. [$99; mycharge.com]

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