A Racquet That Will Instantly Improve Your Game


If Wimbledon has inspired you to get back on the court, but the results just aren’t there, here’s a quick fix. The new Head MxG is designed to achieve the Holy Grail of tennis racquets: provide extra power without sacrificing control.

The titular technology is key: Head reinforces the frame’s throat with Graphene, one of the world’s lightest and strongest materials, and magnesium to provide enhanced stability without weighing down the frame. And sure enough, the MxG doesn’t wobble with you miss the sweet spot – instead, the hoop stays firm unless you really botch your stroke. This holds true for both the advanced, 100-square-inch MxG 3 that weighs 11.1 ounces strung and also, more impressively and surprisingly, for the ultra-light 10.3 ounce MxG 5 for beginners and intermediates. Usually racquets this light twist in your hand if you miss the sweet spot, but this one remains steady – even on volleys, all it takes is a short punching action to put the ball away.


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You’ll also notice that the main (up and down) strings extend below the throat bridge to make them about an inch longer than the strings of a traditional frame. This elongates the sweet spot toward the handle – making contact in this area will deliver a softer feel with a lot more power.

But the MxG isn’t a miracle worker. While the sweet spot is lower, it’s not higher toward the tip of the head – hit the ball there and you’ll experience a loss of power. And you might not get as much pop as you want if you try and block the ball unless your opponent supplies most of the pace.


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Those are small drawbacks. Overall, when you combine the bigger sweet spot and nice blend of power and control, the Head MxG is one of the best playing racquets of the 2017 tennis season.

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