A Radder Retro Skateboard


Any actual skater knows that all those little retro plastic skateboards that are trendy right now are more about the looks than the ride. Harkening back to the days when thin, colorful decks were the only boards available, those modern remakes are fun for sure, but in a toylike way. They’re often flimsy, which decreases action off the tail, and the narrow trucks on most minis leads to a squirrelly downhill ride. The only exception we’ve seen, and ridden, is Globe’s new Bantam Cruisers.

Unlike most plastic decks, Globe’s sport a super durable deck, textured with an S-Trac pattern that’s thicker and grippier than even heavy-grain grip tape. The trucks are 4.75-inches wide, and solid – and nicely sport a lifetime guarantee from Globe. Fitted out with ABEC 7 bearings, the old skool-appropriate oversized 62mm urethane wheels dish out a refreshingly smooth ride. They’re also quite beautiful.

We’ve been riding a clear Cruiser for weeks, and the board seems to get more responsive with each ride. The stiff deck means we can push our turns hard – the Bantam can hold the road where flimsier minis simply can’t – and the wide trucks cuts down on speed wobble, while still not sacrificing maneuverability. True to its name, the Bantam cruises as ably as a long board, but has the dynamics you’d get from a short one. Just keep in mind that it may take a few old skool powerslides to break in the Bantam (or at least its slightly rusty rider). [$110; globe.tv]