A Safer Chainsaw

Mj 618_348_a safer chainsaw
Tom Schierlitz

For all their tree-chewing ability, standard chainsaws are fierce, unforgiving things that, in the hands of an amateur suburban arborist, could slice one of his limbs off as easily as a tree’s. The electric Worx Jawsaw is the first chainsaw with a fully enclosed blade, making it much easier and safer to clear limbs and logs from your yard. The 8.1-pound tool’s steel teeth clamp branches up to four inches in diameter; a quick pull of its handle lets loose the six-inch chainsaw blade, which makes clean, quick cuts. The metal maw surrounding the blade not only guards your limbs from exposure, but also prevents any kickback. We found it to be so safe, and we didn’t even flinch when our accident-prone neighbor asked to borrow it for some early spring cleanup. [$130, worxtools.com]

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