A Simple LED Light Bulb

Mj 618_348_the long lasting adaptable led bulb

We’ve heard about the Philips Hue, “personal wireless lighting” with a spectrum of settings that can be controlled by your smartphone, right now exclusive to Apple stores as a starter kit with hardware. But we want to put forth something simpler: Firefly LED’s Starfly LED Lamp, which – if there’s such a thing – is one sexy light bulb. It looks good naked and needs nothing more than a dim garage or a bedside table to keep it happy. Both form and function, the Starfly’s weirdly beautiful, architectural crown uses patented heat-sink technology to draw heat away from the core, increasing bulb life. The modular design allows the lamp to be adjusted in beam angle, color, light output, and intensity with a quick change of the lens cap, and its patent-pending driver means it’s dimmable down to one percent.

The Starfly promises to reduce your energy costs by 90 percent and last 40 years, but because that isn’t really how the modern world moves, the company differentiates its product from others on the market by making the Starfly fully upgradeable with future updates to LED technology. The cool housing itself is a lifetime appliance, so there’s virtually nothing to figure out how to discard or recycle (mercury-laden compact fluorescents, we’re looking at you). As Firefly LED says on its site: “These products are like buying a car that gets 232 miles per gallon and lasts 3 million miles.” Unlike some of its colorful, programmable competitors, Starfly is the elegant, American-made pick for those of us who don’t need our lamps to perform timed sunsets for us every evening. [Starfly Par 20, Par 30, and Par 38 lamps, $29.99, $46.99, and $59.99; fireflyledlight.com]

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