Acebeam Is at the Cutting Edge of Everyday-Carry Flashlight Design

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When it comes to picking a flashlight, people are used to making compromises. If it’s powerful, it’s too big to conveniently carry. If it’s compact, the beam is too weak for critical scenarios. If it’s powerful and compact, the battery doesn’t last. All too often, we’re caught in the dark.

Thankfully, flashlight tech has come a long way in recent years. In 2022, options exist that don’t require concessions. Acebeam is a brand at the bleeding edge of these developments, specializing in everyday-carry flashlights that are meticulously engineered to be remarkably bright, durable, ergonomic and, most importantly, reliable in any scenario.

Rider RX EDC Flashlight
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Rider RX EDC Flashlight

If you’re looking for a small flashlight that still affords plenty of beam power, the latest addition to Acebeam’s EDC arsenal—the Rider RX EDC Flashlight—is meticulously designed to be ergonomically pleasing from tip to tail.

The Rider RX’s aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body and stainless steel outer shell combine for a double-layer tube design to better cool battery heat—also as a stress-reliever for fidgety hands, with a mechanical sliding mechanism that slides satisfyingly back and forth.

Beyond the ergonomic optimizations, the Rider RX packs uncanny power into its 3.77-inch-long, 2.89-ounce body. At the highest of its five settings (including an SOS strobe effect), the RX produces up to 650 lumens of light, enough to light a distance of 96 meters. The included 14500 Li-ion battery recharges via a USBC cable to last more than 50 hours at its lowest setting, and can be swapped out for a single AA battery in a pinch. A conveniently located tail switch activates the light, and using a Nichia 219F LED optical lens with neutral 5000K color temperature, the Rider RX translates its 650 lumens of beam-power into soft, balanced, contrast-engaging brilliance. It’s also designed to stand on end for use as a candle, and slips onto a belt for quick access with an integrated two-way clip.


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Defender P15 EDC Tactical Light,
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Defender P15 EDC Tactical Light

Acebeam’s Defender P15 EDC Tactical Light, on the other hand, is a waterproof, tactical-grade flashlight in a compact body small enough to fit comfortably in your palm. This everyday-carry solution can illuminate up to 330 meters distance, holds a charge for up to 37 hours, and offers five levels of brightness, up to an astounding 1,700 lumens.

At just over five inches long, it weighs just 5.3 oz including the rechargeable battery, a comfortable weight that feels solid without being cumbersome. It’s aluminum alloy casing is grooved to feel good in-hand, and equipped with a sturdy removable belt clip. Upon removal, the multipurpose clip mount also serves as a weapon mount.

On the unit’s other side, the magnetic locking charge port doubles as the attachment point for an optional quick function One-Touch-Turbo or One-Touch-Strobe switch, or a tactical O-ring that locks in place and slips around your index finger for secure in-hand carrying.

Sleek aesthetics and ergonomics aside, the P15’s function is in a league of its own among EDC flashlights. Quickly switchable from EDC to tactical light, the P15’s five solid lighting levels range from the ultra-low setting at two lumens to its highest setting—1,700 lumens—illuminating more than three football fields of distance on a clear night. There’s also a strobe function that pulses light at 1,200 lumens for emergency situations.

At the core of the P15’s functionality is the proprietary rechargeable lithium battery, which is positive and negative in the same pole and connects with a double-contact for a constant current circuit with efficiency up to 95 percent. Acebeam didn’t skimp on the threading—it’s as stout as they come—and screwed shut the unit seals with O-rings that keep it waterproof up to two meters.


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Whether you’re an EDC flashlight collector or simply a person who hates being caught in the dark, the Defender P15 and the Rider RX are two everyday-carry options that’ll see you clearly into the future, no compromise necessary.


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