Acer Just Announced a $139 Smartwatch With ‘stamina Tracking’

Acer Leap Ware
Courtesy image

There are plenty of fitness-themed smartwatches currently on the market, but most of them have one unfortunate detail in common: They’re pretty expensive.

The Apple Watch Series 2 sells for $269, and the Android Wear-powered LG Watch Sport costs even more at $349.

However, there’s a new alternative to the pricey luxury smartwatch: The $139 Acer Leap Ware.

Acer, a company best known for selling full-featured laptops and tablets at budget prices, previously released a line of fitness trackers called Liquid Leap, but this is its first foray into the smartwatch space. The Leap Ware (yes ware, not wear), like most of its competition, monitors your steps and heart rate. Beyond that, though, the Ware also claims to track your “stress level” using galvanic skin response sensors, which check how sweaty your skin is. It’s even able to detect UV exposure, to ensure you’re getting enough rays.

Acer claims that through a combination of heart rate and stress tracking, the Ware can approximate your stamina levels and give you warnings when it thinks you’re overexerting yourself. While this would be a first for smartwatches, we don’t have enough impressions of the Ware yet to know if this feature works as advertised.

Regardless, the Leap Ware clearly has an extensive feature set for an affordable price, which should let it stand out among the wave of smartwatches releasing this year.

The Leap Ware will be available in July for $139, and works with both iOS and Android.

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