This A.I.-controlled Bicycle Light Wants to Make Sure You Have a Safe Ride

SeeSense ACE
Courtesy image

Riding a bike is a healthy and enjoyable way to exercise and commute—but there’s undeniably danger involved when you’re pedaling through busy streets and curvy trails, especially at night.

That’s why See Sense created the See Sense ACE cycling light. Sure, it’s bright as hell—the rear- and front-facing models can reach 125 lumens and 150 lumens, respectively. But this is no ordinary cycling light, because the See Sense ACE is equipped with artificial intelligence. Thanks to its A.I. brain, the See Sense ACE can detect road changes (like intersections or curves), and then automatically adjust itself for maximum visibility whether you’re riding during the day or at night.

The ACE is See Sense’s fourth-generation bicycle light. The company says it’s used the lessons it’s learned since the first model debuted in 2013 to develop an advanced device that’s still straightforward to use. This includes features such as automatically turning off three minutes after your bike is parked, theft alert if it appears your bike is being stolen, and waterproofing.

With the ACE, See Sense has also listened to fan feedback and expanded its phone app, allowing users to get battery alerts and even manually adjust their bike light brightness if they so choose.

The See Sense ACE is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. While the product has already met its goal, you can still back either a rear light or a set of both for 35% off the estimated retail price.

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