Turns Out Gordon Ramsay Really Can Take Over for Alexa Now

Gordon Ramsay
Image via Franco Origlia / Getty

If Alexa seemed just a bit too nice, it’ll now toss a few f-bombs your way with the help of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Turns out that Super Bowl commercial where Alexa loses her voice wasn’t all fantasy. Thanks to the company Ground Control, the voice assistant can now bring up the foul-mouthed chef when prompted with “Alexa, what does Gordon Ramsay think of this dish?” In reply, you may get a Kitchen Nightmares-esque taunt like “How do you do this to food and fucking sleep at night?!” While Ramsay won’t be in your kitchen himself to really break down why your avocado toast is trash, the brutal barbs could make cooking at home a little more fun. Watch the app in action below.


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Ground Control has brought a number of other celebrities to spice up your Alexa work. Joe Biden will bring the news every day with Biden’s Briefing, NBA player Karl Anthony Towns hosts a daily b-ball trivia game, and comedian Mike Epps will make goofy noises—and then ask users to venture guesses as to what they are.

When you’re tired of getting berated by Gordon or getting your gut busted with Epps, run through our 13 tips to get the most out of Alexa and your Amazon Echo. We won’t even shout any expletives at you.


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