Always Knock Twice

Always Knock Twice

Simplicity reigns supreme in the tech world, and now the simplest of concepts—two knocks to the face of your phone—is rendering the business card obsolete. A new app called Knock Knock allows you to link up with people around you and share contact information (phone numbers, emails, social media accounts, and so forth.) Once you’ve downloaded the app, you knock twice—be it at a dinner party or in the midst of a group run—and others with the app can knock back. You easily tailor which of your details (if any) you wish to share, and within an instant you’re connected. Knock Knock is backed by a spectrum of bold-facers, including, Sophia Bush, and even Sir Richard Branson (in his first non-Virgin investment.) 

One of the best spots to try out these two taps? The gym floor. “Everyone’s had that moment at the gym when you see someone you’d love to meet,” says Ankur Jain, CEO/Co-Founder of Humin, the company responsible for launching Knock Knock. “But interrupting someone’s workout is a definite no-no. Knock Knock is a fun, lightweight way to say hi and make sure you don’t miss that connection. You just open the app and knock twice on their photo. If they knock back after their workout, you can instantly start chatting through the app and find a time to get together.”

Knock Knock was a hit at a series of SoulCycle events held this summer in San Francisco, allowing the perspiring, endorphin-fueled participants to dole out their details without fuss or muss. It’s a little idea with the potential to up-end an industry—and that’s our favorite kind of idea.

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