Amazon Gets Back to Books With the Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition

Mj 618_348_amazon goes back to the e reader with its new fire hd 8
Courtesy Amazon

Amazon announced today its Reader’s Edition bundle just in time to take care of the book lover on your holiday shopping list, with the Fire HD 8 tablet plus one year of Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s “Netflix for e-books” offering that lets customers read all the e-books they want. 

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The tech manufacturer also focused on bedtime readers with the Fire HD 8’s new “Blue Shade” feature, which it announced last week. Exposure to blue light from digital screens has been shown to suppress your body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that gives you that sleepy feeling to help you get some shuteye. When Blue Shade is activated, you can squash the blue wavelengths of light that would normally keep you awake longer.

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Furthermore, Book Wizard, Word Wise, and Word Runner round out the gadget’s reader-friendliness. Book Wizard is a book recommendation engine that makes educated guesses on what readers might enjoy reading next. Word Wise can automatically provide concise definitions to tricky words. Perhaps most intriguingly, Word Runner might increase your reading speed by letting you keep your eyes focused in the center of the screen and displaying your words there. (It sounds a lot like Spritz.)

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The Fire HD 8 comes with a leather cover that almost imitates the look and feel of a traditional book. Pre-orders start today, and ships on December 9. Happy reading. [$250;]

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