Amazon’s New Magic Button Restocks Your House for You

Amazon wants to make your life as easy as possible, one product-ordering button at a time. The online shopping giant released the experimental Dash Button Wednesday on an invitation-only basis for Amazon Prime customers to test out.

With the push of the button, users can send instant orders through their Prime accounts for things such as laundry detergent, Gatorade, coffee, and pet food. "You connect the Dash Button to your home Wi-Fi network and then select the quantity and flavor of the product you want to reorder online," says Amazon spokesperson Kinley Pearsall. "A single press of Dash Button automatically places your order, and products will be delivered in two days with free two-day Prime shipping."

The Dash Button responds only to your first press and won't reorder until your order is fulfilled. You can also confirm or cancel orders within 30 minutes of press the button. Gillette, Smartwater, Maxwell House, and Tide are a few of the 17 brands that have signed on to keep essentials stocked without a trip to the store. "It's fast and simple," says Pearsall. "When you realize you're running low on frequently-used household items, you just push the button."

But the Dash button isn't the only product Amazon is working with to increase convenience (or laziness). The company is also launching the Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) where device makers either include a Dash button in the product, or use a sensor to automatically reorder when your inventory is low. Currently launched in limited beta, DRS has four partners: Whirlpool, Quirky, Brita, and Brother. The first products using DRS will roll out this fall with home devices like refrigerators, coffee makers, and printers recognizing that you're getting low on soap, beans, and ink.