An Eagle Eye on the Course


Finding one’s way around a golf course is getting easier all the time, thanks to gadgets like the Callaway Golf UPRO MX+ GPS Device, which not only lets you know how far you are from flagsticks and hazards, but also features actual aerial imagery of over 25,000 courses. Instead of a generic-looking map of the holes, Callaway includes every last tree, flower, and bush – all rendered photographically so you can try to avoid the trouble spots and improve your score.

After syncing the 3-ounce, cellphone-sized wonder to your computer, Pro Mode allows you to load not only a detailed still picture of the course you’re playing, but also aerial video flyovers of every hole. That’s the kind of eagle-eye perspective you only get by watching golf on television. And with a swipe of your finger, you can figure out exact distances to any point between the tee and the hole, a great aid to strategic play.

The 2.2-inch LCD touchscreen interface is easy to navigate and allows you to input scores, keep track of fairways and greens, and calculate the number of putts per round. And perhaps the best part: No annual fees or subscriptions are required. [$198,]

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