An iPhone 7 Wish List: 6 Updates We Want to See

Courtesy Apple

An iPhone without a headphone jack might seem far-fetched, but it’s the latest rumor making the rounds about the iPhone 7. However, it holds a degree of viability considering Apple included just two ports in its newest MacBook release. We’ll of course have to wait to see if the rumors prove to be true when the Cupertino execs hop on stage next year. But rather than get hung up on what might be removed from the next iPhone, let’s talk about the features we’d like to see Apple add.

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Better Battery Life
The plea for improved battery life is the perpetual cry of a smartphone-enabled society. Every year, battery life gets a little better, but shortly thereafter it’s found to be lacking. This year is no exception. Let’s hope for some battery technology breakthroughs to kick mobile devices into high gear.

A Quick-Charge Mode
Give us the ability to rapidly recharge our batteries most of the way to full. This is already a common feature for various Android phones, great for recharging your phone back to a useful level when you only have a few minutes to get ready to leave.

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The Ability to Delete Default Apps
We’re looking at you, “Tips.” Whether it’s the stock tracker, the compass, or even the default email app, there are hosts of independent app developers out there with more-than-worthy responses to the iPhone’s default apps. This is because these smaller companies are able to focus much more intensely on making, say, the best possible reminders app. They have nothing to worry about when it comes to designing a smartphone and building a family of apps for it to run at the outset.

Native Wireless Charging
Rather than requiring a specialized case accessory to charge without extraneous cables (and never mind that we can’t use our old charging cords to power the 6s), let’s see this feature built into the next iPhone. Such a system would allow for placing our phones on charging pads connected to proper electricity, which the pad would send wirelessly to our devices. You could place your iPhone on a table and not even realize you were recharging the device’s battery.

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An Edge-to-Edge Screen
Here’s another design feature to be copped from some Android devices. Hypothetically implementing this on the 6 Plus would mean the device could stay the same size while getting a bigger screen all at once.

A Truly Shatterproof Screen
Most every iPhone user can share some experience of a scratched or shattered screen. It’s the very reason that many small businesses thrive on replacing such broken screens. Let’s see Apple work toward a world where these services aren’t necessary.

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