Apple Announces IPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Apple Announces iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Tech giant Apple unveiled two new iPhones and the Apple Watch at an event on Tuesday.

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are hyper-thin (6.9 mm and 7.1 mm, respectively) and larger than ever before (4.7- and 5.5-inch displays, respectively). The new iPhones come baked with a dedicated Health app. With next-gen sensors, the new iPhones will be able to track your steps taken and calories burned, adjusting based on elevation – if you’re taking stairs, the phone will know it and adjust your calories burned. It’ll also detect your weight. 

But the bigger announcement from the event is most certainly the Apple Watch. Analysts had been predicting that there’d be a wearable from Apple for a while, and the new watch acts like an iPhone on your wrist with a different interface. 

For fit dudes, the good news is this: As Tim Cook said, “Apple Watch is going to change the way we look at fitness.” It requires an iPhone 5 or later to work, but the watch acts as both a simple activity tracker and a comprehensive fitness device. The dedicated workout app, apparently, learns your habits and fitness program and sends you gentle reminders to get your ass of the couch (“You’ve been sitting for a while. Take a minute to stand up,” the screen might say). It can track all of your (cardio) workouts and sync them to your iPhone, where you’ll have a dedicated hub of all your fitness data that can be accessed by third party apps. That’s a big deal.

You can set goals and timers for a run, and even pick which workout you’ll be doing (cycling, walking, etc) and measure distance with the GPS. Infrared and visible-light display LEDs along with photosensors on the back of the watch detect your pulse and set your target heart rate. 

It comes in several editions, and we like the Sport edition most of all – it’s extra durable for hard runs. 

In any case, we can’t wait to try one. The wearables market hasn’t quite taken off yet, though fitness trackers are enjoying a steady popularity. Will the Apple Watch change the wearables industry?

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