Apple Fans Are Losing It Over These iPhone 8 Renderings

Tech blogs were abuzz just a few weeks ago upon a highly credible-seeming leak of the iPhone 8. That hype would seem to be largely forgotten amidst new buzz this week: Gadget leaker and artist OnLeaks has rendered all his phone insider knowledge as concept images of Apple’s next-generation smartphone. The France-based leaker has a generally strong track record in predicting the physical appearance of Apple’s phones before they are announced. His images look like an entirely realistic stab at the iPhone 8 based on the wide world of Apple gadget rumors that roam the internet.

NoLeak’s design represents another high-profile assertion that the iPhone’s home button will disappear. Rumors have suggested for a while that TouchID fingerprint-reading technology will be integrated into the display; some have even predicted it’ll be embedded into the phone’s Apple logo. With the phone’s only button gone, it becomes an entirely touchscreen-based device.

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The screen bezel is still there, but it’s significantly reduced. The nearly edge-to-edge display is in line with what the pundits have been expecting from the iPhone for some time. There are also expectations that Apple will implement an AMOLED screen, meaning its display will be stupendous.

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Apple is, of course, too secretive of a company to confirm or deny anything pertaining to rumors about its products, so the only way to know the iPhone 8’s features for certain will be to watch the company present its capabilities live. When exactly will that be? Apple’s not even telling us that yet.

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