Apple Just Released the Best Apps for 2015


Just in case you’re in need of the best app (literally, the best) to help you survive a rough work day, to communicate with your friends, or for pure entertainment, Apple’s got you covered. On Wednesday the company released its annual list of the best rated apps of the year, and it turns out the most wanted ones of 2015 are Periscope, Workflow, Trivia Crack, Instagram, and Heads Up!, to name a few.

Here, we broke down the top picks from some of their core platforms—iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV—and organized them into categories of the top paid, top free, and the top editorial picks from the Apple staff. They don’t tease out the categories beyond those, but if there were a fitness app category, we’re pretty confident these badass personal training fitness apps would’ve made the cut.

Check out the list below to get some ideas for new apps to download today. 

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Editorial Picks:
    •    iPhone App of the Year: Periscope
    •    iPhone Games of the Year: Lara Croft GO
    •    iPad App of the Year: The Robot Factory
    •    iPad Game of the Year: Prune
    •    Apple TV App of the Year: HBO NOW

Top Free iPhone Apps:
    1.    Trivia Crack
    2.    Messenger
    3.    Dubsmash
    4.    Instagram
    5.    Snapchat
    6.    YouTube
    7.    Facebook
    8.    Uber
    9.    Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper
   10.   Google Maps

Top Paid iPhone Apps:
    1.    Heads Up!
    2.    Minecraft: Pocket Edition
    3.    Trivia Crack (Ad Free)
    4.    Five Nights at Freddy’s 2
    5.    Facetune
    6.    Geometry Dash
    7.    Five Nights at Freddy’s
    8.    Afterlight
    9.    Plague Inc.
   10.   Goat Simulator

Top Free iPad Apps:
    1.    Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper
    2.    Candy Crush Soda Saga
    3.    Messenger
    4.    Netflix
    5.    YouTube
    6.    The Calculator – Free
    7.    Microsoft Word
    8.    Trivia Crack
    9.    Skype for iPad
   10.   Pinterest

Top Paid iPad Apps:
    1.    Minecraft: Pocket Edition
    2.    Five Nights at Freddy’s 2
    3.    Five Nights at Freddy’s
    4.    Geometry Dash
    5.    Terraria
    6.    Goat Simulator
    7.    Heads Up!
    8.    Five Nights at Freddy’s 3
    9.    Toca Kitchen 2
   10.   Monument Valley

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