Apple Reveals “HealthKit” Hub

Apple Reveals HealthKit

Yesterday, Apple (you may have heard of them) showed off a lot of what they’ve been working on for the past year: namely, for non-developers, OS 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8.

The thing that caught our eye with the new iOS: HealthKit. Previously thought to be “Healthbook,” HealthKit (labeled “Health” on the phone) is an all-encompassing health and fitness app that tracks your weight, sleep, diet, activity levels and more.

You might ask: So what? There are tons – tons – of health apps and devices out there.

And the answer: Exactly. HealthKit isn’t just an app, but a hub. One neat thing about it is that it will sync with the health and fitness devices you already have, and if you’re info is scattered across many devices and apps, HealthKit will put them all in one place. Apple has already partnered with Nike in this regard, and undoubtedly more alliances are coming. The other neat thing about HealthKit is that Apple is partnering with the Mayo Clinic and will send your info to them – if your vitals or blood glucose levels are in trouble, they’ll know and assist you.

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It should be noted that HealthKit comes on the heels of Samsung’s recently revealed Simband, a smartwatch with advanced sensors to track vitals, blood glucose, and even air quality. Samsung recently took the fitness tracking world by storm with the Galaxy S5 and it’s integrated S Health app, but so far, the company has kept its apps exclusive to Samsung technology. Like HealthKit, Simband might play nice with other apps and devices.

HealthKit will be released this fall with iOS 8; no word on Simband’s release date yet.


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