Jon Hamm Wants to Talk About the Apple Watch Series 4

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When he’s not addressing rumors about playing Batman in the future or starring in upcoming films like Bad Times at the El Royale, there’s probably a good chance you can find Jon Hamm looking for the latest new device.

“I’m a little bit tech obsessed,” Hamm says over the phone. “I think sort of most people are at this day and age. And I will gravitate toward a gadget faster than anyone on the planet.”


Hamm’s on the other end of the line to talk about the latest piece of gear he’s recently gotten his hands on—this one from the team in Cupertino, the Apple Watch Series 4, which will hits stores later this month with a built-in electrocardiogram and other new updates.

The actor and longtime Apple Watch wearer (he calls himself an “early adopter”) walked us through what he thinks about the Series 4, including a few of his favorite features, how he uses it to keep track of fitness goals, and who he’s going to Walkie-Talkie.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Watch Series 4

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Apple Watch Series 4
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Its Bigger Face Is Easier to Use

Thirty percent, in fact. This might be good news if you’ve tried clicking one app on your Apple Watch and ended up hitting just about everything other than the one you want. Hamm gets it.

“First of all, just sort of size-wise, it’s bigger and thinner, if that makes sense,” he says. But don’t worry about it taking up too much space on your arm. “It’s not as chunky on your wrist, but the face is bigger, so if you have fat fingers like me, you can press those little buttons and it all works well.”

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Apple Watch Series 4
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It Knows When You’re Starting Your Next Hike

“The fun thing, too, it has this kind of intuitive, I don’t know, chip or something, magic,” Hamm says. “I do a lot of hikes in my neighborhood because I live up in the hills in L.A. I usually do once a day, or try to at least, I’ll start, and the watch will say, like, ‘It looks like you’re starting a hike. Do you want to record the workout?’ And of course you do because you want credit for it so you’re like, ‘Yeah, I would like to record the workout.’

“It just notices patterns in your day to day. You can also just do it on the reg, you can click on the hike button and say, ‘Let’s go,’ and it’ll do it regularly. But I love that it will remember your patterns, and say, ‘Looks like you’re doing a hike. Let me record it for you.'”

Yes, You Can Still Wear it in the Water

When it comes to staying in shape, Hamm says he also swims. But he hasn’t taken off the Series 4 when he’s jumped in the pool. “I swim with it. I shower with it. It never leaves my wrist, essentially,” Hamm says.

It’s Like “OnStar for Your Wrist”

The new version of the Apple Watch knows when you’ve wiped out, whether that’s on your run or elsewhere. “The accelerometer is so advanced on this thing,” Hamm says, “if the phone detects that you’ve taken a header and then if the phone detects that you’re not moving, the watch will call emergency services. It’s literally like having OnStar for your wrist. … And honestly, this is really not a commercial for Apple, but more a commercial for cool things I happen to like—and this is one of them—but the fact that they put some thought into making something that basically is looking out for you is a pretty great move.”

Apple Watch Series 4
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It Has a Decent Battery Life

It’s a feature most people who use the Apple Watch think a lot about: How long can I go before I have to connect it again? According to Apple, the Series 4 can last around 18 hours when it’s completely charged up, which is similar to the previous Series 3. And so far, for Hamm, it’s kept up with his busy schedule. “I have not had to worry about it dying a whole day,” he says. “I mean it’s gone way longer than a whole day for me. I’ll go a day, get up at 9 or whatever and I’ll go all day. I’ll look down at 9 p.m. and it’ll be fine. 50 percent, 40 percent, whatever. So I could probably go two days, but I usually, every night, just put it on the charger.”

Apple Watch Series 4
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Which Feature Does Hamm Still Want to Try?

Being one of the first of your buddies to try out the newest Apple Watch sounds like it’s tough, especially when it has Walkie-Talkie, which is an app that’s exactly what you think it is. “So I haven’t had a chance to use it yet because literally no one else has this watch, but I’m planning on using it because Andre Iguodala from the Golden State Warriors was also a test watch tester-outer. So we’re going to Walkie-Talkie a little bit later.”


You know, not yet…”

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