Apps for the Sports Obsessed

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When they’re not watching a live game, sports junkies live and die for information that pertains to their favorite teams and players. Whether your distraction of choice is hockey, football, soccer, or something else entirely, your smartphone is all you need in order to stay fed with content and statistics about athletes’ activities, both on and off the playing field. It’s never been easier to fill your brain with sweet, sweet sports. In no particular order, here are the most essential sports apps out there right now.

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Television’s de facto sports network offers an app rich with all order of sports news and scores. It’s absurdly well-downloaded simply because it covers so much area. In addition to the statistics you’ll require to rise to the top of your fantasy league, you can stream live games and view video highlights from games you may have missed. And of course, there’s plenty of original sports coverage to be found here. [Free;;]

Forza Football
If you want a push notification the next time something important happens during a soccer game, this is the app for you. Forza’s key strengths are in its instant access to live scores of games all around the world, as well as a fully featured opinion poll system. Is your favorite team’s manager totally blowing the season? Let the world know by voting with your thumbs. [Free;]

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NBA 2015–2016
This is the official companion app to the current season of professional basketball. Check schedules for upcoming games, view live scores, and even set alerts to go off when something relevant happens pertaining to your favorite team. A paid option grants you comprehensive live streaming access to any game you want. [Free;]

NFL Mobile
The definitive American sport can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your tablet or smartphone screen wherever you are. Not only will Verizon customers have streaming access to live games, but all are welcome to enjoy games in the “Story” form factor, which breaks down games to just their essential video highlights. There is, of course, plenty of NFL reporting to keep you up to speed on the goings-on with the teams you care about most. [Free;]

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MLB At Bat
A must-have for the baseball fan. A paid feature within the app unlocks all kinds of live streaming capabilities for games that you want to watch live, but you can still enjoy access to live scores, outs, and base status without spending a nickel. This is predominantly an app for people willing to pay to watch games, however. [Free;;]

NHL GameCenter
Watch any and every hockey game you like for a simple $3 monthly subscription. As interesting things happen in the hockey world, the app will send you push notifications of scores, news items, or any other in-game developments. As with the MLB app, however, this is mostly an app for watching live video. [Free;]

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If you like to enjoy your sports with an internet-savvy group of friends, this is the app for you. Use it to talk trash with people rooting against your team and access a customized news feed based on the sports and teams you follow. It’s like the ESPN app with great social features built in. [Free;]

It claims to be the only sports app you’ll need for the iPhone, and they’re not far off. It of course provides instant access to live sports scores, but its most unlikely (and supercool) feature is the fact that it lets you broadcast live video over the internet. Use it to start your own sports talk show from your bedroom and build your own following as a sports pundit. [Free;]

Breaking Sports
For those who follow sports the way traders follow the stock market, you’ll want this app. It’s bursting with regular up-to-the-minute news updates on scores, in-game happenings, as well as a variety of op-eds by smart people who pay way more attention to sports than is probably healthy. The other guys in your fantasy league won’t know what hit them. [Free;;]