Are You Ready for a Foldable iPhone?

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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple is about to drop the iPhone X at the beginning of November, but there is already hot rumors about the next iteration: A foldable iPhone.

Yes, an iPhone where the screen bends. It sounds wild but, according to The Investor, Apple has joined forces with LG to develop the technology. Reportedly a “task force” has been assembled to work on creating a bendable screen for a phone that could hit by 2020. It would be an OLED screen, which is the same tech attached to the upcoming iPhone X. 

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A foldable screen would enable the phone to fit snugly in a pocket and then open to a much larger device when pulled out, like a billfold. LG has been working on the technology for nearly a decade, but Apple is not the only company interested in folding up their mobile devices. Samsung may have a bendable screen by next year.

Check out the full Investor report here.

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