Armor for iPads


It is one thing for an errant splash of morning joe to leave a telltale coffee ring in your newspaper. It’s another altogether when your news is delivered via your iPad. LifeProof’s Nüüd case allows you to fully relax and enjoy your morning ritual – as well as your daytime, evening, weekend, bathroom, and any other rituals for that matter – without the worry of accidentally triggering a catastrophic failure of your pricey Pad.

Not only is the Nüüd waterproof – down to an impressive six feet, should you stumble into the deep end – it’s also dirtproof, snowproof (a rare boast among cases), and shockproof to exacting military drop specs. In short, whether you’re an inveterate klutz, live in the Himalayas, or just have a grime-fingered kid who’s going for a high score on Nomsters, you’re covered.

We put our test model through its paces with a variety of real-world activities. We used it to look up recipes with food-smeared hands; then to keep score during a game of soccer; and later to read a book while soaking in the tub, wet fingers and all. It worked with nary a hiccup. One feature we especially love, and that differentiates the Nüüd from other competitors, is that it doesn’t need a hard plastic screen protector, which tend to cause glare, or dimmed brightness, or even missed touches and taps. The waterproof seals around the edges of the screen are just that good, making a full-size protector unnecessary (though one is available for added shatter protection for an extra $30). [$99;]