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Earlier this month, Backcountry launched a donation platform and a T-shirt fundraiser to raise funds for additional production of non-medical grade face masks for Utah’s at-risk homeless outreach programs.

In conjunction with the launch of the fundraising platforms, the company partnered with a Los Angeles-based manufacturer to produce non-medical grade face masks for New York’s homeless population and front-line Department of Homeless Services workers, as well as its own team members in its Utah and Virginia distribution centers.

As of today, Backcountry has raised $65,600 and donated more than 20,000 additional masks to shelters and other service providers.

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Now, the company is stepping up its production work, partnering with Distillery 36, a Salt Lake City distillery known for making rum, to produce 100 gallons of hand sanitizer for local homeless outreach centers.

Jensen Dobbs, founder and owner of Distillery 36 said, “Once we realized we had the capabilities to produce hand sanitizer, it wasn’t a matter of if we would do it, but how quickly we could do it.” The distillery committed 100 percent of their stills to producing hand sanitizer immediately.

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Read article’s CEO Jonathan Nielsen noted that Utah’s state government helped in identifying both the supplies needed and the specific communities in need of aid.

Utah is home to more than 6,000 individuals experiencing homelessness, many of whom are at greater risk for infection due to lack of access to hygiene and sanitation facilities or connection to healthcare, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Together with our partner, Distillery 36, we hope to make a difference in the community in this unprecedented time,” says Nielsen.

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