Basis Peak Upgrades to Titanium

Basis Peak Upgrades to Titanium

In an effort to compete with the Apple Watch’s sex appeal (perceived or otherwise), and compete with other more svelte smartwatches like the LG Watch Urbane, Intel’s Basis Peak line is getting a little redesign.

Well, sort of. It’s definitely more boardroom-friendly.

Basis recently announced their Peak Titanium Edition, a suped-up version of the Basis Peak—a tracker that monitors your heart rate continuously, among other valuable fitness metrics. It’s a great tracker (we even included it in our holiday gift guide), but looked like a regular, digital watch. The new Titanium Edition is made of, well, titanium, instead your run-of-the-mill aluminum body and a more sophisticated rubber strap. (You can also swap out the strap for other, more colorful options, at $50 a pop.)

In addition, a software update is going to allow both the Peak Titanium and the Peak to sync your health data to Apple Health or Google Fit, depending on your choice of fitness-friendly phone. That means if you use an iPhone regularly, then the data that the Peak picks up will finally be able to be seen in Apple Health, a hub of sorts that stores all your health data. This all comes with the smartwatch-y capabilities the Peak has, like text, calendar, and email notifications.

Since the Apple Watch came out, there will be no shortage of competitors for a stylish smartwatch. As mentioned before, the LG Watch Urbane might be the one to appleal to Android customers who want the pleasure of a cool smartwatch, and the Moto 360 is a cool, customizable option. But for my money, the Peak (and the Peak Titanium) are excellent fitness trackers, and easy to use. Sure, you won’t be able to call an Uber from your wrist, but at $300 (that’s $49 less than the least expensive Apple Watch and the LG Watch Urbane), it’s a solid choice for guys who want to stand out at work while keeping their heart rate in mind. It’s available here.

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