This Alarm Clock Can Wake Up Even the Deepest Sleepers

Man sleeping next to his bedside alarm clock

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As much as we love our phones, they’re not exactly the best when it comes to waking us up. They’re either not loud enough, or we forget to set our alarm the night before. Plus, a phone alarm wakes up everyone in the room—so if your bedmate has a later wake-up time than you do, they’ll be up earlier than they like.

What you need is a high-tech alarm clock—and we found the best one.

sonic boom alarm

With the Sonic Bomb Alert Alarm Clock, there is really no risk of sleeping through the morning and running late to that important meeting. As indicated by its name, this alarm clock sounds like a sonic bomb going off in the room until it is shut off. There is absolutely no chance that whoever is sleeping within earshot of this alarm clock is going to stay asleep.

As for your bedmates, roommates or family members, the Sonic Bomb Alert Alarm Clock has a bed shaker accessory that’s designed to just wake up the person that set the alarm. This little pad is linked to the alarm clock and can be placed under the pillowcase, the sheets, or the mattress itself. When the time comes, no sound will blare from the clock but the bed shaker will jostle the user so much so that there is no choice but to wake up. Better yet, it won’t disturb anyone but you.

The best part of the alarm clock, however, have to be the reviews attesting to just how powerful it is. Many note that it wakes up even “zombie” sleepers, and that it’s great for anyone who’s hard of hearing. Nearly all reviewers note that this will wake absolutely anyone up, no matter how deep a sleep they’re in.

The Sonic Bomb Alert Alarm Clock is simple, but that’s what makes it so ingenious. It’s just a clock built to guarantee that it will wake up whoever is using it—unlike our phones or the alarm clocks of yore. Whether you need a super loud noise to wake yourself up, or need to be shaken up a bit, the Sonic Bomb is designed to make the act of sleeping past your alarm (or hitting snooze a thousand times over) impossible.

Run over to Amazon today to make sure there is no oversleeping in the future.

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