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10 Stylish Gifts for the Best-Dressed Guy You Know

 Courtesy of Sonic Editions and Mr Porter

Here’s something you should know about people with really great style: they HATE getting surprised with clothes as gifts. Anyone who’s really into clothes will likely have everything they need for a complete wardrobe already. And because style is something that’s idiosyncratic by its very nature, you should avoid shelling out on sweaters, trousers, or boots as gifts, unless it’s something they’ve asked for specifically.

But you know what make great gifts instead? The kind of luxurious and thoughtful things that make getting dressed in the morning a little easier, or that can make the things they already own look better, or that underscore that you were paying attention when they told you who their favorite designer is. If you’re shopping for someone whose outfits always look great, no matter what, you’re sure to find something perfect below.