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9 Stylish Beanies to Keep Your Head Warm This Winter


First, an acknowledgement: anyone who’s taken a basic biology course knows it’s a complete and utter myth that you lose more heat through your head than through other parts of your body. But that doesn’t mean you should go through winter with your skull exposed to the elements. In fact, you should take care to cover up any exposed flesh when it’s chilly in the great outdoors: who wants dry skin on top of the discomfort of being cold?

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The easiest and most stylish way to cover up your scalp? A cashmere beanie. It’s the gold standard of simple headgear crafted from the gold standard of cold-weather fabrics, and thanks to a preponderance of suppliers and manufacturers, it can be yours at virtually any price point. Do yourself a favor, though, and look for something that’s a little more 2017 Alexandre Matiussi than, say, 2007 Ashton Kutcher. The super slouchy beanie of yesteryear should stay in the past, and something that fits closer to your head (and retains more heat) should shine through. Take your pick of one of the fine examples below.