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Fitness apps and trackers are great for giving you a read on how you’re doing fitness-wise. But, what do you actually do with all that data?  Kumu, a new app, answers this dilemma with its virtual coach feature for serious athletes and beginners alike. Kumu pairs users with a real live “Wellness Coach” with whom you can text, photo message, and video chat to work towards reaching your fitness goals, whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle, or run a marathon.

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The app pulls data from various sources such as your fitness tracker (like the Fitbit Charge) and Apple Health Kit (built right into your iPhone) to give you a 360-degree perspective of where you stand fitness-wise. Then, your coach will use a technique called motivational interviewing (a method used for decades by therapists and military leaders) to go beyond the numbers and give you a much more personalized plan.

Sign up for Kumu here and start making progress towards your fitness goals today.

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