The Best Personal Fitness Trainer Apps for Every Guy


Jane Fonda looked hot in those grainy old ‘80s VHS tapes. But those workouts have nothing on the ones you can find on a smartphone today, with top-notch instruction and an endless buffet of workout and gut-busting routines, all for a fraction of the cost of a gym. Here’s how to pick the pocket trainer for you.

5 Personal Trainer Apps Worth the Download >>>

1. For the Body-Weight Guy

You Are Your Own Gym
($2.99, for Android and iPhone)

As the name suggests, this app relies on nothing but you, which is great when you’re doing it in a totally spare, white-walled gym in your home. It’s stocked with more than 200 body-weight exercises that will challenge everyone from beginners to special-ops soldiers. Mark Lauren, the coach who walks you through every exercise, has trained 700-plus special-ops guys for combat. We’re not saying this will prepare you for battle, but, with its deep roster of intervals, supersets, and ladder workouts, it’ll whip your ass into shape in no time.

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2. For the Guy Who Needs to Loosen Up

Yoga Studio
($3.99, for iPhone)

There are plenty of reasons why you may not want to do yoga at a studio. Maybe it’s too pricey. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll get shown up by a hot girl. Regardless, with this app you can squeeze yoga into your schedule—even if it’s only a 10-minute class before work—whether you’re a rank beginner or one of those annoying people who posts headstand selfies on Instagram. The instruction’s great (and, of course, you can rewind if a pose is confusing), and beginner essentials and classes geared toward creaky old runners are also available. 

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3. For the Guy Who’s Ready to Throw Some Plates Around His House

Fitness Buddy
($1.99, for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone)

For less than a cup of coffee, Fitness Buddy is a formidably badass trainer for even the most hardcore lifters. Tapping into its more than 1,700 exercises, 1,000 instructional HD videos, and 4,000 photos, you’ll never be confused about how exactly to do a dumbbell shoulder complex on an incline bench again. You can even add every workout you do to the app, so it doubles as a fitness tracker and workout log. Trust us: It’s the perfect combination of secretary and weight-lifting savant. 

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