Best Solar Companies: Top 5 Solar Panel Installation Services In 2022

Best Solar Panels

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A growing number of firms are devoted to making alternative energy sources more accessible as the globe moves away from fossil and nonrenewable energy. Many of these firms are not only taking measures to take the world closer to an oil-free future, but they also give exciting financial prospects.

We’ve compiled a list of the most significant solar firms in the industry so that you can make more informed investments in solar power. In terms of money, we considered things like free cash flow, the strength of the balance sheet and the share price. We also looked at how each business is making its operations more environmentally friendly in the future.

When it comes to solar energy, we’re here to help. Choosing the best solar companies is an important decision that may need more research and study on your part. We’ll provide you with a list of the top providers, offer advice on working with them and answer any concerns you have.

List of Best Solar Energy Companies

  1. SunPower – Overall Best Solar Companies On The Market
  2. Vivint Solar – Popular For Domestic Solar Energy System Services
  3. Sunpro Solar – Solar Power Systems For Renewable Energy  

#1. SunPower: Overall Best Solar Companies On The Market


SunPower is a veteran of the solar sector, has been in business since 1985, and is dedicated to providing consumers with a reliable and secure service. The San Jose-based company that manufactures and installs the product offers service across the country. The Better Business Bureau has given SunPower an A+ rating above the industry average.

Solar panels from SunPower have the highest current market efficiency, the best partial shade tolerance, and a 25-year product replacement warranty. You may install Corrosion-resistant SunPower panels everywhere in Australia. Each of SunPower’s four types of solar panels is customizable. 

Using the newest Maxeon Gen solar cells and the world’s first watt-sized panels, SunPower’s A-series offers up to 22.7% efficiency and a maximum output of 370 watts of electricity. Tasks that require little space will benefit significantly from these panels. 

320, 327, or 435-watt panels are offered in the E-series, which incorporates integrated Maxeon solar cells that provide up to 20% of the power. With up to 19 percent efficiency and panels ranging from 380 to 400 watts, the P-series is ideal for large commercial applications.


  • Lower total expenses
  • More power for less space
  • Environment-friendly
  • Strong technology portfolio
  • Simple, straightforward methodology


  • Maintenance expenses are low.
  • Comes with a 25 years guarantee
  • The efficiency rate is 16.5% to 22.8%.


  • If you pay the total price in advance, it will be more expensive.

=> click here to visit the official website of Sunpower

#2. Vivint Solar: Popular For Domestic Solar Energy System Services

Vivint Solar Aiming for affordability, Vivint Solar provides clean and efficient energy solutions to both residential and business customers. Vivint has made it more straightforward and more inexpensive than ever for customers to switch to a more ecologically friendly energy source by decreasing, if not eliminating, upfront expenses and offering long-term contracts.

Vivint provides a wide range of financing alternatives, including buy programs, loans, leasing choices, comprehensive design assistance, and ongoing support throughout the whole process. 

Vivint was founded in 2011 to make renewable energy accessible and cheap for households. In less than a decade, the firm created a name for itself in the market by supplying solar power to a whopping 500,000 homes throughout the country. In October of 2020, Vivint was purchased by Sunrun, who saw its rise as an opportunity.

Vivint’s sales techniques have been a source of controversy, but this analysis will explore everything that distinguishes Vivint Solar from the competition. Vivint has been a terrific choice for specific customers. 

However, our point is that if you’re thinking of going solar with Vivint, make sure you do your homework and know what you’re getting into before making a decision.


  • Offer purchase agreements
  • Solar leases as finance alternatives
  • Doesn’t impose monthly fees
  • Uses a five-step installation procedure
  • Makes solar panels inexpensive and accessible


  • Flexible financing
  • Easy installation
  • Accessible to more homeowners


  • Pricing is not available online
  • only available in 22 states

#3. Sunpro Solar: Solar Power Systems For Renewable Energy

The best solar energy company operating in the Sunny South East since 2008, Sunpro solar has a service area that covers a substantial portion of 21 states. Instead of leasing solar panels, Sunpro solar sells real, sustainable energy solutions. Storage options are also available.

Homeowners may save money and reduce their carbon impact by using Sunpro solar’s renewable and sustainable electricity. Low-cost solar power and battery storage are available from Sunpro solar. Energy independence and optimum savings are the guiding principles of Sunpro Solar’s residential solutions.

Sunpro solar offers some of the best solar panels and battery backup options on the market, so your needs will decide the best items for your home. Most Sunpro solar PV projects use LG and Panasonic equipment, known for long-lasting and high-quality products.

In addition to Tesla’s Powerwall 2 and Enphase’s Recharge 10, Sunpro solar also offers the Enphase Recharge 10. When it comes to solar panels and storage systems, Sunpro solar chose items that work well together. It is well-known that LG solar panels may be used with virtually any type of solar installation.


  • Come with LG, Enphase, and Tesla certifications
  • Resulting in total industry confidence
  • Covers the whole installation process
  • Provides accessible warranties and customer care


  • MyEnlighten Enphase is a tool for monitoring 
  • Large service area
  • Three financial options
  • In its field, the brand has earned a number of honors.
  • Excellent customer care service
  • With a 25-year solar power output warranty, this system is safe


  • No lease options

#4. Tesla 

Tesla sells sophisticated solar panels to households that want to complement their energy demands with renewable energy. The firm is very open about its solar trim options, leading consumers through its website’s layout, abilities, and cost estimate of a system.

Tesla installs in most places around the country, either immediately or through the Certified Installers Program, which comprises some of the best local and regional installers. To find out if Tesla is among the best solar companies and suppliers for your house, read our evaluation of its solar warranties, design, and associated items.

Solar panels from Tesla have a sleek appearance that integrates well with your current roof. Tesla is a perfect alternative for clients who wish to learn more about solar panels alone without the aid of a sales agent because of its transparent pricing information and complete website.


  • Small (12 panels), moderate (24 panels), big (36 panels), and extra-large (48 panels) are the four typical solar system sizes offered by Tesla (48 panels)
  • enables consumers to store surplus energy
  • A solar roof is a roof that replaces your present roof with solar shingles as an option for solar panels
  • Panels can resist temperatures up to 185 Fahrenheit and come with a 25-year performance warranty


  • Allows clients a fast online estimate and offers a price match guarantee on solar panels.
  • Guaranteed price match and flexible financing options
  • Solar panels featuring advanced technology, a stylish design, and long-term durability
  • One of the solar batteries available on the market (the Tesla Powerwall II)


  • Customer support can take a long time to respond to repairs
  • Powerwall battery systems are not available separately

#5. Sunrun 

Sunrun was established in 2007 as a solar lease and power purchase contract (PPA) service, allowing clients to avoid the high infrastructure expenses associated with acquiring a solar energy system. As its monthly payment options became more popular, it swiftly expanded. Sunrun currently claims to be the nation’s leading home solar panels installed.

Nevertheless, the cost of buying solar has decreased to the point where leases are no longer viable. Sunrun is still a market leader and has grown into selling devices, but it has suffered from customer satisfaction in the years afterward. It did, however, deserve a position on our list due to its market dominance.

If you choose Sunrun for leasing or PPA, we urge that you read your contract thoroughly. Customers may encounter difficulties transferring a lease or if a leased system underwhelms due to costly cancellation costs. These issues shouldn’t occur if you get panels from Sunrun.


  • You’ll save anywhere from 10% to 40% on your electricity bills
  • Prepaid Solar Lease is another business product that allows customers to pay their solar rent in full at the beginning of the term. The typical cost of solar energy ranges from $15,000 to $29,000
  • Fill out a form on their website to receive a free evaluation and question
  • Solar panels are also available at a lesser cost, thanks to a partnership between the solar company and Costco


  • Large service area (almost 20 states)
  • A variety of solar leases, yearly leases, purchases, and loans are available
  • Provides advanced technologies such as tailored solar solutions, home security systems, backup batteries, electric vehicle charging stations, and more


  • It has a history of poor customer support after an installation
  • It has been linked to deceptive marketing of solar leases and PPAs

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Buying Guide on The Best Solar Companies

It’s no surprise that solar energy is so significant and famous since it’s the most accessible, inexpensive, and plentiful energy source in the world. 

Solar energy minimizes the number of pollutants such as carbon discharged into the environment since it does not consume any natural resources needed elsewhere on the planet and does not degrade the ecosystem. As a result, we’ll have better water, oxygen, and fewer pollutants.

How We Created This List Of These Solar Power Systems

What matters most is how you determine which type of solar energy is most suited to your specific needs. To find the finest renewable energy firms, we looked at things like quarterly earnings and growth to get a sense of the financial health of each one. 

We also took into account the efforts made by each service to minimize its carbon emissions and enhance the community through more sustainable practices. These are the most acceptable ways to choose the most significant solar provider, and you should follow them to the letter.

Consider a wide range of options

When making a purchase, it’s usually a good idea to have a few options to choose from. Look at different firms and pick your choice based on several aspects, including the company’s location and its guarantee. Making a selection is easier if you weigh the pros and cons of several options and their pricing side by side.

In addition, it is essential to find a reputable brand that cares about its clients rather than merely generating money from sales. While one brand is anxious to close the transaction, let’s say two or more sellers advertise that your site is not appropriate for solar panels due to insufficient illumination. If that’s the case, it’s easier to put your faith in the majority and assume they won’t take advantage of the firm for their gain.

Do not rely on price comparison sites

According to price comparison websites, the best solar companies are ranked based on their cost. The best course of action is not to rely only on this website. Price comparison websites don’t consider services, warranties, maintenance intervals, business expertise, and other considerations.

The installation program from one brand may be cheaper, but there is no guarantee that it will work, while the installation program from another brand may be more expensive. Still, there is an extensive portfolio of successful installations. As a result, the best strategy is to avoid relying only on the information provided by these sites.

Choose companies with experience

The number of solar providers in your area is likely to be high. Working with a local solar firm with extensive expertise in the solar power market provides several advantages. You’ll get a tailored solution from businesses with more significant experience and expertise in the sector. Additionally, this guarantees that the organization will be around if you ever need them.

Take reviews and testimonials

Google Business and Yelps have made it easy for customers to provide reviews and testimonies about their experiences with businesses. These evaluations and testimonies might help you make a better decision. Certain firms pay for fake reviews, so be careful while reading these remarks. It’s generally best to cancel your order if the rating seems too good to be true.

How Do Solar Panels Function?

First and foremost, how do solar cells function? Photovoltaic cells are used to make solar panels. When the sunlight passes directly on the PV cells, it generates radiation from the sun, which the cells receive. The sun’s energy produces electric particles, which move by the cell’s electrical field, guiding the flow of electricity. 

Parts of the solar array also convert direct current to dc power, allowing it to be used in residential settings. Even when the sun isn’t shining, certain solar panel arrangement elements store energy for later use.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Why do you want solar panels for your home? Solar cells for your house have several advantages.

Energy savings

The most obvious advantage is that you will be able to power your home independently of the power grid. It will save customers money, and if you create enough electricity, the electric provider may give you credit on your account.

Plentiful power supply

According to the US Energy Information Administration, one hour of summer sun matches the total yearly electricity consumption in the United States. You may save money on your power bill even if you live in a region with a big storm or shadow.

Increase the value of your property

If you want to sell your dream home, installing solar panels can be a huge selling point for potential buyers.

Going green

You may reduce your carbon impact by using solar energy, a renewable resource.

Resilience to power grid failures

Some places have less-than-reliable electrical grids. Solar power can leave a light on if you live in a region with common power outages.

Power your backpacking

Some tiny solar panel arrays may be mounted on RVs or taken camping to provide energy, regardless of how isolated the location.

Disadvantages of Solar panels

The sun is a plentiful energy source that provides clean, long-lasting energy. An hour of sunlight absorbed by the world is estimated to be enough to cover our annual energy demands! It does, however, have some potential drawbacks.

Energy Demand

Solar energy production needs a substantial quantity of energy upfront. Mining, manufacturing, and transportation all require a large amount of energy. Quartz must be treated and cleaned before being combined with other components from other sources (aluminum, copper, etc.) to create a single solar module. 

During the processing stage, extremely high heat is required to heat the quartz. To make high-efficiency panels, manufacturers must combine various materials with extreme accuracy. All of this takes a significant amount of initial effort. Traditional fuels like gas and goal are harvested, cleaned/processed, and burnt in massive quantities, usually in a single place.


Semiconductor production often utilizes hazardous chemicals to generate solar-grade silicon. Depending on the solar array maker and country of origin, these compounds may not be appropriately disposed of.

Some corporations lead by example, and others make corners to save money, just as there are in any sector. There are bad apples, but not every industry will dump chemicals or recycle their leftovers appropriately.


What occurs when solar panels fail or are no longer in use? Although photovoltaic recycling has not yet become a significant concern, it will do so in the upcoming decades as solar panels are replaced. 

Solar modules can currently be disposed of alongside other types of e-waste. Countries with weak e-waste disposal systems are more vulnerable to recycling-related problems.

Types of Solar Companies

Due to the various aspects of solar energy, energy firms do not often provide all aspects of the process. Most alternative energy businesses tend to specialize in one or two categories. Knowing the various sorts of solar firms helps guarantee that you have enough information to make an informed selection about your solar energy provider.

Because there are so many various parts to generating and utilizing solar energy, you won’t generally find a single solar firm that handles everything. Knowledge of the functions of each organization can aid you in getting a greater understanding of the whole process.

Manufacturing businesses

Solar panel manufacturers involved in solar energy technology and growth are in charge of designing and manufacturing the solar cells and panels that will be put in your home. The best solar companies provide long-term guarantees for their goods and ensure quality since they control their distribution network and build their panels.

Retail industry companies

These are the firms from which you will purchase your solar panels. Solar panel shops can offer you a wide range of options since they operate with a community of manufacturers and suppliers. They also collaborate with contractors and experts to assist you with installing your solar panel system.

Installation services

Buying photovoltaic power from a firm that installs them is analogous to purchasing a vehicle from a dealership. 

Solar installation firms deal directly with manufacturers and buy solar panels through stores or wholesalers. Solar installation firms are primarily concerned with getting your boards placed and operational on your roof, having acquired the necessary understanding of additional installation components like inverters and cabling.

Financing organizations

The expense of a significant project like converting to solar energy for your house or company might be intimidating. Solar finance firms ensure that as many people as possible have access to solar power. Solar finance firms believe in bridging the gap to greener energy by offering contracts, solar loans, and leases. Are you unsure how to choose the best Solar industry? It is a fantastic resource for solar finance firms.

FAQs On Electrical Panel For Solar Energy

Q1. What exactly is solar energy, and how would it work?

The simplest explanation for the sun’s electricity is that it is the energy emitted by the sun and is used to power the Earth. These particles, also known as photons, are responsible for light, heat, and, as of today, solar power.

Several groups have figured out how to turn this energy into something we can use every day with the aid of solar thermal collectors. Roof panels capture sunlight, are transformed into electricity and are used to power your home appliances.

Although solar energy is not commonly used, more individuals are becoming aware of its advantages and using it. Solar energy is presently one of the most rapidly increasing and cost-effective energy sources, and it is predicted to continue to grow.

Q2.  Is solar energy the best option for me?

The amount of sunshine your lot receives, the size of your monthly energy bill, and the style of roof your property has will all influence your decision to switch to solar energy. Your home must be in a location with a clear route to receive the sun’s photons for the panels to make the energy to power your home to optimize and get enough light to operate your solar panels.

Your monthly power bill must be at least $75 to show monthly savings from converting to solar. If your monthly energy use is less than $75, adopting solar will save you money because your power demand isn’t high enough to even out.

Q3. Will solar panels continue to operate if the power goes out? 

In the event of a blackout, your solar panel system will be turned off if it is linked to the grid. It protects emergency responders and energy utility workers from becoming harmed as your panels restore power to the grid. However, in certain circumstances, specific inverters can provide backup electricity when utilized with a battery system.

Q4. Why should I decide on solar energy?

With the rising cost of electricity, going solar makes sense. Installing solar might save you money over the long term if you have a high electricity bill and live in a sunny location. California and Arizona are home to some of the world’s top solar panel producers.

Solar energy systems typically cost between $15,000 and $25,000, with the option of financing or paying regularly. Furthermore, federal subsidies such as the federal subsidy, which promises to reimburse 22 percent of installation costs if finished before the end of the year, may be available.

Q5. What happens if you move your solar panel system?

Even though it is theoretically possible to carry your solar panel system to your new home, the costs associated with the process, from disassembly to shipping and re-installation, are pretty high; therefore, it may not be financially practical to do so.

Despite the massive financial investment, there is a chance that the solar panels will be damaged during transportation. If you didn’t buy your solar panels outright and are renting them, you may usually transfer the leases to new purchasers. But, if you did buy the system outright, you should discuss it with your real estate agent so that it can be factored into the selling price of your property.

Q6. What are the economic advantages of solar energy?

Installing a solar energy system in your home saves you money on your power costs and protects you from potential increases in electricity rates. The amount you may save varies on your area’s utility rates and solar rules, but adopting solar is a wise investment no matter where you reside.

Q7. What occurs if the solar panels are coated with snow?

Solar panels turn sunlight into energy; therefore, they can’t create electricity if covered with snow. Snow isn’t usually heavy enough to damage your panels, and because most panels are inclined at an angle, the snow will slip off. Your meetings are simple to clean if snow accumulates.

Q8. Will my system need to be serviced?

Solar is a low-maintenance, low-cost technology. Solar PV, unlike other solar systems, has no moving components. It indicates that your equipment is unlikely to fail. During the life of your panels, you do not have to replace them at all. Because foxes and other animals may interfere with the wiring, it is the portion of solar PV that requires excellent care. 

Depending on the inverter you have, you may need to replace it 10 to 12 years after construction. Extended warranties may be able to cover the expense of replacing the equipment. Inquire with your installer for further information.

Q9. Is it possible to recycle solar panels?

Solar panels can be recycled. Panel recycling possibilities are expected to expand in the future years because there will be hurdles. The solar business is still in its early stages, and the market for solar recycling is modest. The cost of recycling the panels’ components and materials is still high. 

Furthermore, the industry improves its ability to use less costly materials in solar manufacturing. In contrast, this has the advantage of lowering solar panel costs. It also reduces the financial incentive to recycle them.

Q10. What role do batteries play in solar?

The majority of solar panels do not yet have batteries. In the United States, the plurality of home solar arrays are grid-tied, meaning they are linked to the utility power grid. Solar arrays connected to the grid are substantially less costly than arrays that use batteries. 

Solar panels on their own are also more efficient than solar panels combined with storage. Battery paired solar arrays are less efficient than solo ones because batteries lose a tiny percentage of their electrical charge when the current passes through them.

Conclusion: Top Solar Panel Manufacturers For Power Saving

These evaluations may be quite beneficial to many potential customers looking for the top solar providers on the market. However, you should thoroughly study each of our brand reviews to choose the most attractive and handy for you.

In general, these solar cells are the most basic approach to making your home far more durable. We propose SunPower since they adhere to the “Beneficial by Design” principle if you believe in us. Not only that, but they have a long history of award-winning sustainable manufacturing.

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