Get More Out of Your Workout With These Weightlifting Belts

weightlifting belts
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When it comes to lifting, form is everything. And when it falls out of whack, even the best fitness plan in the world won’t net you the results you want. If you feel like you’re not getting the most from your workouts, weightlifting belts offer support that can help you build better form and maximize your lifts.



A weightlifting belt has two main purposes: reducing stress on the lower back and preventing hyperextension during overhead lifts. More specifically, the belt limits spinal flexion (bending of the spine), which makes it easier for you to lift with your legs rather than your back—like all experts recommend. That way, you can tack on heavier weight without putting strain on the wrong muscles.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the best weightlifting belts out there, so you can get the support you need to smash your goals.

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weightlifting belts Nike Structured Training Belt
The Nike Structured Training Belt 3.0 Courtesy Image

The Nike Structured Training Belt 3.0

This weightlifting belt is made with mesh, which makes it very breathable, and rigid inserts on the back offer dependable support where you need it.


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Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt
The Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt Courtesy Image

Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt

Leather belts are among the most popular options because of their durability and strength. This belt by Dark Iron Fitness is built to last a lifetime, and its straightforward design is highly effective, with users reportedly increasing their lifted wight by 10 percent on average.


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Rogue 5" Nylon Weightlifting Belt
The Rogue 5″ Nylon Weightlifting Belt Courtesy Image

Rogue 5″ Nylon Weightlifting Belt

While buckle-clad leather belts tend to be more durable, Velcro ones can conform to the body more readily. This thick Velcro-style belt from Rogue provides comfortable back support, and the lightweight nylon material adapts to different movements easily.


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adidas Leather Weightlifting Belt
The Adidas Leather Weightlifting Belt Courtesy Image

Adidas Leather Weightlifting Belt

This slim, four-inch lifting belt from Adidas is equipped with a cushioned lumbar pad for extra comfort, and it helps balance the toughness of the leather.


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Gymreapers Dip Belt weightlifting belt
The Gymreapers Dip Belt Courtesy Image

Gymreapers Dip Belt

The chain on the front of this belt makes it look like part of a costume, but it serves a specific purpose: You can loop it through weight plates to increase the resistance in bodyweight workouts like dips, chinups, and pullups.


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Schiek Model 2004 Lifting Belt
The Schiek Model 2004 Lifting Belt Courtesy Image

Schiek Model 2004 Lifting Belt

Schiek is one of the leading brands in sports accessories, and the Model 2004 is a popular choice for weightlifting. Its angled shape matches the contours of your body for pinch-free movement, the one-way Velcro closure is easy to adjust, and it even comes with a two-year warranty.


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