Big Headphones With an Even Bigger Sound

Courtesy Blue

The size of a pair of headphones is not usually proportional to how good they sound. We find ourselves mostly gravitating towards smaller in-ear models, which can have fantastic acoustics in a more discreet package. But a new pair of jumbo cans from Blue called the Mo-Fi headphones offer a counterpoint, thanks to amazing sonics and a comfortable fit that entirely make up for the somewhat unwieldy packaging — and the fact that they weigh nearly a pound.

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The first thing you’ll notice about the Mo-Fis (other than that girth) is their unique design. Slightly alien-like, these gray and black hard plastic headphones have an articulating joint on each cup and hinge at the center of the head strap that make dialing in the perfect fit a breeze. And those touches, along with plush ear cups, are what makes the extra weight tolerable. But it doesn’t really matter, because these suckers are heavy for a very good reason: The Mo-Fis pack in jumbo 50mm drivers and their own built-in amps. That translates to a ruckus sound that is loud (in fact, make sure your device’s volume is turned way down before listening), but also amazingly clear at all ranges. The bass also gets an extra, but not distorted, boost in an “On+” setting. The Mo-Fis work in a passive mode, too, if you lose a charge, but a smart design detail automatically shuts down the rechargeable battery-powered amp when the headphones are not on your head.

There’s no disguising their enormous size, but the sound is so good you might consider tolerating some sideways glances by walking around with these beasts on your head. And at home or at your desk, and with $350 burning a hole in your pocket, they’re a no-brainer.

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