Bikes From the Upcoming Lance Armstrong Movie Are For Sale

Courtesy Ultimate Cycles

Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France bikes sold for as much as $500,000 at the height of his popularity, but now his legacy has produced far more affordable options. As the 2015 Armstrong biopic Icon enters post-production, the film’s bikes are up for sale online.

Lifelong cycling enthusiast Iain Ferguson acquired the lot of 100-plus bikes from the movie’s production company.

“I found out through a friend who specializes in vehicles from movies,” says Ferguson. “My background is sales and marketing, and this was just an awesome opportunity.” 

One-by-one he’s been listing the bikes on his website Ultimate Cycles. The collection ranges from steel singlespeeds for about $300 that filled the roof racks of team cars in the background, to authentic carbon-fiber Trek road bikes with U.S. Postal badges for around $1,200.

Much of Ferguson’s stock is new steel and aluminum bikes from British bike company Condor, painted in Armstrong-era team colors but outfitted with modern Shimano components. In addition to the Treks, there are also a handful of original racing bikes including a Pinarello Paris (the model used by Armstrong rival Jan Ullrich), a De Rosa Titanio EOS, and a Team Motorola (Armstrong’s first pro team) Eddy Merckx.

Ferguson’s Ultimate Cycles is UK-based, but he ships internationally. He also has about 30 bikes remaining that have yet to be listed.