Bluesmart Series 2: This Is Why You Should Buy Smart Luggage

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Tomi Pierucci lost his luggage. Hey, it’s happened to all of us. In every hour of every day in airports around the world, passengers are left seething at baggage carousels long after their plane-mates have left the airport, hoping against hope their suitcase will magically appear. It’s particularly maddening when indifferent airline employees are as clueless as to the location of our bag as we are.

A frequent flier, Tomi was over getting mad about his lost luggage. Instead, Tomi got even. He founded Bluesmart.

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Since its launch in 2014, Bluesmart has reinvigorated modern luggagery, introducing GPS geo-tracking, automated locking, and rechargeable batteries to an industry that’s been effectively stagnant since the invention of roller bags. “Smart luggage” is now a thing, as start-ups like Raden and Away and established brands such as Samsonite have introduced their own versions of trackable, self-weighing, battery-equipped suitcases. Bluesmart itself been called “the iPhone of suitcases” by the BBC and endorsed by celebrities such as Usain Bolt and Tony Hawk.

Learning from its start-up experience, Bluesmart has now introduced Series 2, its new line of smart luggage designed to further enhance the smart travel experience. Consisting of four brand-new pieces of luggage and a redesigned mobile app, Series 2 takes advantage of the latest technology to make travel less stressful than ever.

Series 2 upgrades Bluesmart’s location tracking, making it compatible with all countries’ cellular networks and improving its accuracy. The new battery system has increased capacity, allowing for faster charging and longer duration of charge, and the new weight sensors increase accuracy. And all of these functions sync with the mobile app, keeping travelers up to date and ready for anything. 

Via the app, Bluesmart travelers know the location of all their luggage at all times, and they’ll never inadvertently leave a bag — or laptop or passport — behind in an airport bar or restaurant in a rush to make a plane, because they get an alert when their smartphone exceeds a predetermined distance from their bag. They can also more comfortably nap in terminals, secure in the knowledge that no one will be able to remove their luggage from their immediate vicinity without their phone buzzing.

Additionally, Series 2 travelers can keep all their devices, including laptops, powered up along the way. Simply pre-charge the FAA-, DOT-, and TSA-approved internal Lithium-Ion battery, and it can hold enough juice to charge a smart phone or tablet six times over. It’ll even fully charge a laptop.

The Series 2 carry-on, the Cabin, increases the original Bluesmart roller bag capacity by 25 percent, outfitting it with a new lining and sturdier zipper hardware. It features GPS+3G location tracking, remote auto-locking, and charging capabilities. The Check is a full-size, 29-inch suitcase. In addition to the location tracking and remote auto-locking, it features a weight-sensing system that automatically alerts you of potential overweight baggage fees. The Laptop Bag is a rugged but elegant business attaché that seamlessly attaches to the Series 2 suitcases. It features Bluetooth location tracking, distance alerts, and a removable charger that powers up smartphones and laptops. Finally, the Passport Pouch protects travelers’ essentials with Bluetooth tracking capabilities, an RFID blocker, and water-resistant materials.

The new app is also a wonder, offering not only location and weight but convenient info such as flight schedules, security checkpoint wait times, gate change alerts, currency exchange rates, local weather, and more.

Bluesmart Series 2 is available for pre-order now through Indiegogo. The pre-order campaign will last 30 days, and the products will ship approximately 90 days after the pre-order campaign ends. The price of Series 2 components will rise gradually over the 30-day launch period, so early orders will get the best deals. Bluesmart Series 2 is compliant with all major aviation and transportation regulators worldwide.

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