Bluetti Unveils Epic Black Friday Deals on Portable Power Stations

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A portable power station is indispensable, providing essential power on backcountry adventures or your household during multi-day outages or emergencies. Industry leader Bluetti makes state-of-the-art models that are all the more essential thanks to their broad range of uses—from camping, RVing and jumpstarting your car, to everyday charging needs for laptops and smartphones. As a reliable power source for all the above and more, there simply isn’t a more dependable portable power brand on the market than Bluetti.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, there’s also no better time to affordably amp up your portable power supply. Here’s a look at Bluetti’s range of innovative new products—priced to electrify.

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Bluetti AC300 & B300 Portable Power Station

Ready to set up your iOs- or Android-friendly, app-based, portable power supply? Bluetti’s AC300 and B300 battery modules provide an essential modular power system that’s both easy to use and transport. Each AC300 accepts up to four B300 external batteries—adding up to a total of 12,288Wh. Translation: You won’t be running out of power anytime soon on your next backcountry adventure.

The B300 uses best-in-class LFP (LiFePO4, lithium iron phosphate) cells, which have more than 3,500 life cycles offering up to 80 percent of original capacity. This amounts to one cycle a day for 10 years of service life for your power needs. The module is also capable of receiving 2,400 watts of MPPT solar charging input. For your convenience, you won’t need a power brick for this station, since one charging cable can get the job done.

Other neat features? While connected to two B300 battery modules, the AC300 can be charged with both solar and AC simultaneously, adding up to 5,400 watts of power input. We also love the integration of the new Bluetti Fusion Box Pro, which can double the voltage, power, and capacity to an above-and-beyond 6,000W, 240V, and 24,576Wh of your off-grid power system.

[Starts at $2,999 (originally $3,698, save up to $4,000 with bundles);]

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Bluetti AC200MAX Portable Power Station and B230 Battery Modules

Any product that can swiftly raise $6.7 million on Indiegogo means serious business. Originally launched on the crowdfunding platform last year, Bluetti’s fan-favorite AC200 is now available as an updated AC200MAX.

Expect mind-blowing specs for this mobile recharge center, whether you’re looking to brew 70 cups of coffee, keep your home air-conditioned for up to seven hours during a power outage, or live off-the-grid in the perfect National Forest hideaway.

Furnished with a 2048Wh LFP battery and 2200W pure sine wave inverter for heavy loads, the mighty AC200MAX is expandable with the B230 (2048Wh per pack) or B300 (3072Wh per pack) external batteries to further supercharge your adventures. Each AC200MAX can take up to two external batteries and max up to 8192Wh with two B300’s or a total 6144Wh with two B230’s

Capable of receiving 900 watts of MPPT solar charging input, the standard battery pack can be 80 percent charged with two hours of sunshine. Like the Bluetti AC300, this power station can be controlled by a smartphone app connection via Bluetooth.

[From $1,899—was $1,999, save up to $2,600 with bundles;]

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Bluetti PV120 and PV200 Portable Solar Panels

Solar dabblers and aficionados alike will appreciate these sun-fueled portable battery power stations specially designed for campers, van-dwellers, and small and medium-sized off-grid power systems. Durable, waterproof and sleek, Bluetti’s PV120 and PV200 foldable solar panels are also conveniently compatible with most of today’s solar generators.

Made with state-of-the-art monocrystalline solar cells that can generate generous power even in marginal sunlight, Bluetti’s PV series panels won’t let an overcast day compromise your everyday power needs—or a lazy Sunday afternoon of college football watching in the woods.

[Up to 20 percent off, save big with bundles;]

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