BMW M5 Smashes World Record With a 232.5-mile Drift Straight Out of ‘Fast & Furious’

BMW M5 refuels mid-drift
BMW USA | YouTube

This insane video comes to us from BMW, which apparently takes world drifting records very, very seriously.

The German automaker originally set the title with driver Johan Schwartz in 2013 for “the longest continuous vehicle drift” at 51.3 miles, only to be broken a year later by driver Harald Miller in a Toyota GT86 at 89.55 miles. The record was then broken again in 2017 by South African journalist Jesse Adams, who drove the Toyota GT86 for 102.5 miles.

BMW was clearly not satisfied being called a “previous record holder,” because it came back to reclaim its former title with a vengeance. Schwartz was not only up to the challenge of attempting to beat the record, but also more than doubled the previous record, drifting in BMW’s new generation M5 for a total of 232.5 miles over eight hours. This new feat obliterated the previous record by a whopping 143 miles.

The most impressive feat, though, was BMW’s solution for refueling the M5’s V-8 engine—it was straight out of a Fast & Furious movie. Since the iconic Bavarian super sedan burns through fuel quickly, the company had to create an aircraft-inspired, mid-drift refueling system to take hold of the continuous drifting record. Watch at the 0:50 mark in the video to see how it overcame this obstacle.

Over the course of the eight-hour attempt, it had to refuel on five separate occasions. All that refueling also gave BMW the Guinness World Record for the “longest twin vehicle drift (water assisted),” covering 49.25 miles over one hour. Watch the full incredible video below.

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