Bring Your Phone Into the Shower With This Shower Phone Holder

KUNSLUCK Shower Phone Holder

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For a lot of people, our phones are our lives. We can’t just seem to get them out of our hands. The only time we can really do so is when it’s time to get in the shower. But when you pick up the KUNSLUCK Shower Phone Holder, you can enjoy the benefits of your phone while you’re scrubbing up.

Setting up the KUNSLUCK Shower Phone Holder is pretty damn easy. It comes with a strong backing that sticks to the wall without needing to nail or screw it in. Just slap it on and the back will stick. Sticks to a variety of surfaces and it won’t easily bend or warp. Perfect for the conditions of a shower.

KUNSLUCK Shower Phone Holder

Using the KUNSLUCK Shower Phone Holder is easy as well. It can be adjusted at a 45-degree angle so you can watch it in any position. There’s a touchscreen that won’t get fogged up and allows the touchscreen to be used. And obviously, it’s waterproof. You can rest easy by bringing your phone into the shower with this installed.

Even better is that pretty much any phone can be used with this holder. Any phone under 6.8 inches (and without a pop socket) can be held with ease on this phone holder. So you can blast your music or watch some videos while you relax in the shower. You can’t go wrong with that.

Maybe the best thing is that the KUNSLUCK Shower Phone Holder is affordable as hell. You can pick this up for a few bucks and make the showering process a much more enjoyable one. So head on over to Amazon right now and pick one of these bad boys up right now.

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