Brooks Unveils Special Edition Beer Mile Running Shoe


In a move that is quite possibly more relevant to our interests than literally anything else we can imagine, Brooks Running have just announced an extremely limited edition version of their outstanding lightweight speed shoe, the Hyperion, to commemorate Lewis Kent’s pursuit of history at the upcoming Beer Mile World Championships in Austin.

The shoe, pictured above, is red and white with sock liners made to look like foamy beers; the left one says “beer” and the right says “mile.” The aglets (the little bits of plastic at the end of the laces) read “Live Lager,” and “Run Hoppy,” a play on Brooks’ “Run Happy” slogan. “Beer Mile” also appears on the tongue.

But, just how limited is this shoe? Here’s the bad news: Unless you are Lewis Kent himself, you won’t be getting a pair. Alas, they made them specifically for him, and they’re not available to the public. Yet. We’re considering starting one of those online petitions — because online petitions need not be just for trying to convince the Electoral College to support the winner of the popular vote.

Kent previously held the world record for the beer mile, with a time of 4:47:17. On December 17th, in Austin, he’ll take on current world record holder Corey Bellemore, and another accomplished beer-miler, Corey Gallagher, who won the race in 2014 and finished second in 2015.