Build Your Own Climbing Wall at Home

Roberto Machado Noa / Getty Images

First, assess the open space in your garage or basement: Ideally, you want to use a wall that’s at least eight feet wide, in a room with a 10-foot ceiling. Those dimensions will give you a 12-foot climbing surface that overhangs 40 degrees. (While vertical walls are easier to build, overhanging ones are more fun and yield better training results.)

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This setup also lets you use three full sheets of plywood — if your ceiling is shorter, you’ll have to cut the boards. Then build a frame by positioning two-by-six studs every 16 inches, anchored at the floor and ceiling to support the plywood. Use 3/8-inch T-nuts set into the back of the plywood to anchor your holds. (The holds from are strong and light, and starter kits are available.) Design a pattern that won’t interfere with your frame, drilling a grid of holes using a 7/16-inch bit — the same diameter as the T-nut barrels’. Drill enough holes so that you can easily move your holds at a later time. Finally, screw the plywood onto the frame and set your routes.

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