Can the Mio Tracker Help You Live Longer?


If you’re in the market for a few more years on earth, it may be time to level up, tracker-wise.

Here’s why: One of the hurdles to using a tracker is that it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly what the goals it’s setting for you really mean for your health. “Get 150 minutes of exercise a week” or “10,000 steps a day” is hard to quantify—what is that actually getting you?

But a new fitness tracker from Mio, called the Slice uses a simple, meaningful activity tracking score called Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) that gives you an easy-to-understand number to hit to meet your fitness goals.

Just keep your daily PAI score above 100 over a seven-day period, says a Norweigan University of Science and Technology study, and you can reduce your risk of heart disease—the leading cause of early death in the U.S.—by up to 23%. You’ll also lower your odds of dying from all other causes by close to 17%, no matter your age or what other risk factors you have, like smoking or being overweight.

No, fitness trackers are not a fad. Here’s why you should double down on your data—today.

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