Check Out the Blanket That Is Helping Thousands of People Sleep Through The Night

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Feeling stressed, sick, or overtired? It’s possible that you’re not getting enough sleep.

A positive relationship with sleep is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep recharges your metaphorical batteries, giving you more energy during the day. When you’re lacking sleep — whether due to insomnia, stress, or a heavy workload — you’ll often feel more lethargic, irritable, and down.

We all know that eight hours of nightly sleep is important, but for those struggling with tossing and turning throughout the night, improving your sleep can feel impossible. If you’ve tried everything from melatonin to counting sheep, you might feel at your wit’s end when it comes to trying new sleep-aid tactics.

If that’s the case for you, we have the last sleep aid you’ll ever need to try. It’s proven to help people sleep better, and it does so without pumping your body full of drugs or hurting the environment. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not.

Baloo’s weighted blankets are helping thousands of people get through the night without interruption. What’s more, they’re leading the weighted blanket industry in materials and quality. Keep reading to see why the best weighted blanket on the market is so worth it.

If you’re ready for your best night’s sleep ever, head over to Baloo’s website today!

Can Weighted Blankets Really Help With Sleep?

If you’ve tried everything and then some, you might be a little skeptical of a weighted blanket. How much can a few extra pounds on your body really do?

We understand the hesitation, but we think you’ll change your mind after one night with Baloo’s weighted blanket. These blankets are backed by science and endorsed by thousands of customers who are sleeping better, thanks to Baloo.

Backed by Science

There are a number of factors that could be contributing to your sleep issues.

Whether you’re dealing with insomnia or a stressful month at work, weighted blankets can help calm your buzzing mind. Weighted blankets have long been used in clinical settings to help ease symptoms in patients suffering from anxiety, including children. The effects are similar to what a baby would feel from being swaddled: Pressure helps alleviate stress and feels like a hug, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.

This isn’t just a theory. Pressure from a weighted blanket is described in the medical community as Deep Touch Pressure. This pressure has been shown to signal to the brain that it should release various neurotransmitters, including melatonin, which encourage the body to fall asleep.

Using a weighted blanket is kind of like hacking your brain, indicating to your body that it’s time to go to bed, even if your mind is racing.

Baloo says their blankets have “been shown to have therapeutic properties that calm anxiety, ease insomnia, reduce stress, improve sleep, and encourage relaxation.”

So, what are you waiting for? Try Baloo’s blanket out for yourself, and see what all the fuss is about.

Backed by Real Customers

Don’t just take our word for it.

Baloo’s website is flooded with positive reviews from customers who say that their weighted blankets have fundamentally changed their lives and improved their relationships with sleep.

In fact, 95% of Baloo customers say they are very satisfied with their purchase, truly love the product, and are sleeping better.

Just look at this small selection of verified customer reviews and you’ll see how Baloo is helping people take control of their sleep cycles:

  • “I want to tell the world how your blanket has changed my sleep, it is like taking a sleeping pill but not taking any medication. I love this blanket, and kudos to the persons that developed it. The rest I get is incredible. Thank you so very much for changing my life; I would shout it from the rooftops” – J. Peters
  • “Baloo’s weighted blanket is incredible. I was experiencing joint pain and Baloo was a game changer. The pain would get worse at night but after I got Baloo, the pain just melted away like magic. Also, my girlfriend has trouble sleeping and this weighted blanket has really helped her as it soothes anxiety and helps the body and mind relax. I chose this weighted blanket because it is attractive, and the sewn squares allow the beads to spread evenly across the blanket, providing even weight. Highly recommend!” – Mandy G.
  • “My wife says she hasn’t slept this well in a very long time. Thank you!” – Sam D.

If you’ve been dealing with sleep issues for years, Baloo’s selection of weighted blankets may be the exact solution you’ve been needing.

Weighted Blanket

What Makes Baloo Different?

There are a number of weighted blankets on the market, so what makes Baloo so unique? Many customers in their reviews mention that they’ve tried other brands but found Baloo works significantly better — and we think we know why.

You Won’t Get Too Hot

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to weighted blankets is that they’re just too hot. When you’re under that kind of weight, it’s easy to get sweaty and feel like you can’t breathe. Baloo blankets are built differently, so heavy doesn’t bring the heat.

All of Baloo’s products are made with breathable, cool materials. Many other weighted blankets include synthetic and polyester threads either in the filling or in the lining, which can trap heat and make you feel like you’re inside an oven.

Baloo is the only weighted blanket that contains no synthetic materials. Their products are made with 100% cotton, meaning that you can use it year-round and sleep comfortably and coolly.

During the summer, the brand recommends using the weighted blanket on its own, but it can easily be layered with a duvet for added coziness in the winter. In either case, it won’t trap heat, and you won’t wake up in the middle of the night sweating.

That’s one reason why Baloo was rated the Best Cooling Weighted Blanket by the Sleep Foundation.

You Won’t Be Supporting the Plastics Industry

Weighted blankets aren’t just magically heavier than other blankets. They get their weight from small glass microbeads distributed on the inside of the blanket’s lining.

Lots of other weighted blankets use plastic microbeads, but Baloo is committed to using no plastic in their products. That promise starts with their actual blankets and extends into their packaging, too.

Instead, the company uses lab-tested, lead-free glass microbeads so that you can rest easy knowing you’re not supporting the plastics industry and there are no harmful chemicals in a product you’re getting so up close and personal with.

Baloo’s commitment to positively impacting the environment goes even further than plastics. They’re devoted to using sustainable materials and are members of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition (NYFTC) and the Ethical Brand Directory, which help support sustainability in the fabrics and fashion industries.

What’s more is that the brand is totally carbon-neutral, thanks to a partnership with Sea Trees by Sustainable Surf that offsets their emissions, replants Mangrove forests in Indonesia, and cleans up kelp forests off the coast of California.

Finally, this brand is also committed to making an impact on the state of sleep overall, donating a portion of its profits to Pajama Program, an organization that helps support vulnerable children at bedtime.

It’s one thing to find a product that actually helps improve sleep, like Baloo’s weighted blankets. It’s another thing to discover that the brand is making a positive impact on the world and is committed to using materials that are safe, breathable, and sustainable.

Baloo is truly a breath of fresh air — head over to their website, and you’ll see why in no time.

You Can Trust Expert Opinions

There’s a reason that Baloo has become the go-to choice for so many people looking for weighted blankets.

The brand was endorsed by The New York Times in their Wirecutter Picks for 2022. The Times said that Baloo wins when it comes to its look and design. While many weighted blankets advertise themselves as a living room option, Baloo’s blankets are focused on the bed and sleep, setting them apart from the rest.

Baloo blankets are even machine-washable and machine-dryable, something not many other weighted blankets can say. The scores of enthusiastic reviews that followed the Times’ endorsement speak for themselves. Baloo weighted blankets work and will continue to work over time.

Through all the seasons of your life, it’s a comfort to know that, at least when it comes to sleeping through the night, you’ve found the solution.

Ready To Try Baloo’s Weighted Blanket?

Another reason we love Baloo is that they have a number of options when it comes to sizes and styles.

The brand sells weighted blankets, weighted comforters, and mini weighted blankets, perfect for nap time. Their blankets and comforters come in a variety of weights, from nine pounds to twenty-five pounds, and they have a quiz on their website to help you determine which is the right amount of pressure for you.

Their blankets also come in a number of sizes, from a throw blanket to a king-size blanket, so if you’re sharing a bed with another person, you can decide if the blanket is used by both individuals or just one.

Give Baloo’s eco-friendly, proven weighted blankets a try and see what they can do for your sleep cycle and your life.