The Chevy Traverse Can Do—and Carry—It All

2020 Chevrolet Traverse High Country
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What It Is: The 2020 Chevrolet Traverse SUV is a comfortable eight-seater complete with a 3.6-liter V-6, 5,000-lb towing capacity, and just about everything you could need for a safe drive with your family.

Why We Like It: Hop into the Traverse, press Start, and settle into the heated leather seats. Once we connected to Apple CarPlay and cranked up the volume on the excellent Bose sound system, we set our phone on the wireless charging spot under the infotainment system (which lifts up so you can store your personal items), and we were on our way.

The Traverse is an SUV the entire family can agree on—even your dog. At least, ours sure did. When it comes to space, you won’t have any trouble accommodating your crew and allowing for some extra breathing room in the Traverse thanks to its over 98 cubic feet of cargo room. For our test drive, we took it on a short road trip with our dog, and he had plenty of room to find a spot he liked to relax and sleep (though he was most fond of the floor).

Yes, it can comfortably seat eight if you really need it. (For our drive, we didn’t need quite so many seats.) But you can adjust the configuration inside to fit everyone’s stuff, too, or to take the opportunity to really stretch out if you’re a passenger. If you want to pack bags or gear like a snowboard or bike, the second row slides up and the back row folds forward to give you the storage space you need. There’s even floor storage in the back to keep your items a little more secure.

Chevy made sure everybody on board could stay connected, too. It designed the interior with seven USB ports throughout and you can connect everybody’s gadgets to the SUV’s WiFi. Up in the driver’s seat, you can sync up your phone using your Apple CarPlay app or Android Auto to use your maps, but even when we disconnected from our phone, it was seamless to use the vehicle’s built-in nav system.

The Traverse is big on safety. Chevy added what it refers to as its “Buckle to Drive” feature, which is intended to remind younger drivers to, you guessed it, buckle up before they hit the road. And while it might be an intimidating SUV to drive at first because of its size, Chevy included four cameras around the vehicle so you could see if you’re about to back into something or get a better view around those hard-to-see, tight corners out of a parking garage.

Nitpick: Even with its high-tech parking features, the Traverse wasn’t the easiest vehicle to parallel park on our crowded city street by ourselves. But considering its large size, it’s also pretty impressive we were able to do it at all and it’s largely thanks to the surrounding cameras.

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