These New Facial Recognition Sunglasses Are Straight Out of ‘Minority Report’

Image via AFP / Getty

Chinese police are on their way to full Minority Report.

Train police in Zhengzhou, China are now rocking special sunglasses that have facial recognition technology built in, according to The Independent. People’s Daily, the state-run newspaper, reported that the glasses have helped capture seven suspects so far. The company that created the glasses and has said the technology could recognize faces from a database of 10,000 in 100 milliseconds. So far, they’ve helped officers nab people suspected of everything from human trafficking to using fake identification to travel on the train.


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The glasses are just the beginning of China’s facial recognition police technology, as the country is reportedly building a database of every citizen’s face—and technology that would recognize anyone in 1.3 seconds. Not everyone is stoked about this; some advocacy groups believe its use is an infringement on people’s basic human rights.

“Chinese authorities seem to think they can achieve ‘social stability’ by placing people under a microscope, but these abusive programs are more likely to deepen hostility towards the government,” said Sophie Richardson, China director of Human Rights Watch. Richardson believes that all the data police have gathered should be destroyed without “informed consent” of citizens.

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