Consumer Electronics Show 2014: Day 1

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It’s early January, and that means dizzying temperature drops, blinding snow, neglected workouts and, of course, CES. The annual International Consumer Electronics Show is going on now in temperate Las Vegas, where tech companies from Samsung to Sony and Archos to Apple are peddling their wares. Some of it’s grabbing and keeping our attention; some of it, well, still needs a little work. Either way, all of it is really, really cool.

Today was the first day of the show, which brought with it a keynote address on wearable tech from Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. The talk included the unveiling of a smart earpiece that’s called—get this—Jarvis. Like from Iron Man. One big takeaway from this convention: Wearables are hitting the scene in a big way, with brands like LG and Razer getting in on the fitness band game, too.

And good luck, as Engaget pointed out, fitting Samsung’s new 105-inch curved (yes, curved) 4K TV set into your living room. 4K refers to the screen’s horizontal resolution of 4,000 pixels, which is an insane amount of pixels.

Also on display: BMW has unveiled an app for the Samsung smartwatch. What? Well, according to USA Today, BMW’s i3 electric car can sync up with said app on your smartwatch, which lets you do things like check the car’s battery and send directions to the car. Sounds neat. We just hope that it doesn’t start a smartwatching-and-driving epidemic.

A Steam Machine isn’t something for a spooky, smoky effect anymore. Valve has announced partnerships with multiple companies to manufacture Steam Machines—PCs that run new SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system that’s designed with gamers in mind. By Enaget’s count, Valve has currently signed 14 companies to the initiative.

And now for something both smart, weird, and incredibly useful: According to USA Today, a French startup called Kolibree brought the world’s first smart electric toothbrush to the show. As we all know, poor dental hygiene can affect not only your smile but can also cause problems for other parts of your body (we’re looking at you, E.D.), but this Bluetooth smart…brush will be able to track how clean your teeth are getting while you’re brushing. Pretty neat.

Finally, a little levity. CGI sage director Michael Bay put his name behind Samsung’s curved TV only to find himself at a loss for words. Watch here:

Well, that was awkward. When you put yourself behind a big, brand-name TV, you should probably be able to say one or two nice things about it.

If you’re presenting at CES anytime soon (or at any convention/meeting, really) always remember to 1) bring backup notes 2) take a deep breath and take it one word at a time, and 3) don’t ever, ever, walk offstage. Ever.

See you tomorrow for a look at what CES Day 2 will bring us.

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