Consumer Electronics Show 2014: Day 3

Consumer Electronics Show 2014: Day 3

It’s the third day of CES, and we’re off to a mostly solid start. Early on, T-Mobile CEO John Legere stuck a knife in other mobile carriers, offering a “get out of jail free card.” T-Mobile will pay early termination fees to users who leave AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, so long as they trade in their phones and get a T-Mobile plan instead.

In related news, Legere was previously booted from AT&T’s CES party (video from LA Times below).

Speaking of uprooting an industry standard, Sharp is said to be introducing a UHD TV that’s not 4K not 5K, or even 6K, but 8K. If you missed our last two CES posts, that number refers to the number of horizontal pixels on the TV screen. 4K is Ultra-High Definition. 8K is…basically reality.

If you’re all about the environment, BMW has a surprise for you: an all-electric Beemer. According to USA Today, the i3 is available in May for $40,000 and can go for about 100 miles before drivers need to recharge. A huge step forward for the electric car.

And for you, iPhone users and/or jumpy late-night commuters: the Yellow Jacket iPhone case doubles your phone’s battery life and turns it into a stun gun. According to The Verge, the first-gen feels more like a bee sting, but the newest iteration makes your “arm spasm.” Who hasn’t wanted to turn their phone into the occasional weapon?

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