CRL Survival Kit: Outdoorsman Gift Guide


While Richard Wiese is very capable of starting a fire in the wild with no matches or firestarter, he says he’s never had to: a simple matter of being prepared. And it doesn’t take much for that. The CRL Survival Kit is easy to take along on any adventure, even if it’s simply biking through the city.

“It’s perfect to just hook on your backpack and forget about it, hope you never use,” Wiese says. “But when you’re stuck, hey. A whistle is great, a couple dry matches when you really need them are invaluable. Something that glows? You know, it’s just a very practical thing and a great gift.”

With a U.S.-made featherweight carabiner knife, stainless airtight and water-resistant nano-cache for storing matches and small items (even cash), a glow fob (with up to 12 hours of glow time), a stainless s-biner (with a weight rating of 25 pounds), and a military grade tactical whistle, there’s no reason not to have this along — so you’ll never have to light a fire with two sticks either. [$75;]

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