CrossRope—A New Weighted Jump Rope to Enhance Your Cardio Routine


Jumping rope—the ultimate calorie torching, do-anywhere cardio workout—boosts agility and tones your legs, calves, butt and core. But is there a way it could seriously tone your upper body too?

Enter the CrossRope, a jump rope system that comes with weighted handles and cables in different thicknesses. In theory, you combine the cords and handles in different ways to customize your total body workout (think: lighter cables for speed, heavier cables for resistance). Honestly, we were a bit skeptical, so we tried it out for ourselves—and after the first jump rope session, we were hooked. Here’s why.

With its weighted system, CrossRope tones the muscle groups a normal jump rope does, as well as your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. And while you won’t be super-sore or build a ton of muscle, it’ll give you that cardio, full-body toning workout that can easily supplement to your normal gym routine.

The CrossRope is also well designed. We thought the interchangeable cables might be annoying to switch up mid-workout. But, turns out, it only takes a simple two-second clip-out, clip-in (similar to how a carabineer works), so you’ll never miss a beat. Cables come in seven weight categories ranging from 1.9 ounces for speed-focused workouts to three pounds for an emphasis on weight and resistance, and each one is made to handle maximum speed with minimum drag. (Bonus: They’rewrapped in a durable vinyl that protects floors—or your skin—from abrasion.)

Our only gripe? The grip tape that wraps its PVC Quick Handles feels less durable and like it could unravel (from sweaty hands) over time.

Here’s a CrossRope workout you can try at home, ideal whether you’re jumping rope to cross train or are integrating it into your everyday cardio. It’ll bring on the sweat so fast, you’ll be just as addicted to this explosive cardio as we were.

CrossRope Workout: High Intensity Intervals

Cables Needed: 2.9-ounce Speed cable, 5.2-ounce Stamina cable, 1.25-pound Power cable, 2 lbs. Strength cable

How To: Repeat this 4-part circuit 4 times; alternates ropes with weight lifting for a high intensity cardio and strength total body workout.

1. Start with 150 basic jumps at an easy pace using the Stamina cable. Rest for 45 seconds. Follow with 10 reps of the bench press at your desired weight. Rest for 45 seconds.

2. Switch to the Strength cable for 75 reps of alternative leg jumping at a medium pace. Rest for 45 seconds. Follow up with 10 reps of weighted squats. Rest for 45 seconds.

3. Change to the Speed cable for 50 reps of Double-Unders (one jump with the rope swinging under your body twice) at a fast past. Rest for 45 seconds. Follow up with 10 reps of medicine ball V-Ups using a 6-10 pound ball. Rest for 45 seconds.

4. Use the Power cable for 75 reps of alternative leg jumping at a fast pace. Rest for 45 seconds. Follow up with 10 reps of dumbbell curls to overhead presses. Rest for three minutes before starting the next set.