The Cure for Office Obesity?


For many who frequently find themselves spending long days in the office, multiple hour workouts in the gym simply is not an option. For them, the best workouts are efficient ones that can get them out of the gym and back to work as quickly as possible.

In this talk-to-text, six-minute-ab world we live in, companies are always trying to cater to this multitasking demographic. One company has even found a way for users to do cardio without ever leaving their desks.

TrekDesk has created a portable workstation that adjusts to fit any treadmill, allowing users to walk or run right there in their office. The TrekDesk boasts helping users to lose upwards of 50 to 70 pounds in one year of use, lowering the risk of cancer and heart disease, and pretty much every other benefit that traditional cardio workouts offer.

Perhaps one of their biggest marketing claims of this product is that it will promote productivity. “You will notice immediately that you do not suffer from the daily bouts of fatigue that may plague you after lunch and later in the day. Increased blood flow to the brain also keeps you sharp and attentive,” says the company website.

While studies support that a midday workout does in fact fight off fatigue and can increase employee productivity, do not write this off as a work related expense just yet. You may just find that taking conference calls at seven miles and hour and an eight percent incline is not a practical solution to your fitness woes.

So could this be the next big thing in fitness, or will the TrekDesk go the way of Jazzercise, the Thigh Master and the vibrating belt? We predict this accessory will find its place on the curb and ultimately be locked in the tomb of fitness failures. But a stationary bike that powers the printer on the other hand…

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