DirecTV Now: The Best New Cord-Cutting Solution


Say hello to DirecTV Now, AT&T's recently announced internet-only streaming video package that closely mimics a conventional cable television subscription. The price: $35 a month to start.

The new platform helps close the cord-cutting gap, affordably bringing 100 channels of live streaming to your connected device. You only need to download the DirecTV Now app or log in to the web portal in order to start streaming live TV to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. To bring this content to your television, you’d need a ChromeCast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or other internet-enabled HDMI stick.

There’s a promotion running now that will let you lock in at a $35-per-month subscription to DirecTV Now. Subscriptions can only be had for $60 per month when the promotion ends. If you want to add HBO and its family of channels, it’s another $5 per month. But DirecTV Now does not include CBS, and you’ll only get ABC, FOX, and NBC in bigger cities where the networks run their own local stations. And you might miss the hyper-niche networks, like the Hunt Channel and Soapnet.

If you go with the $35-per-month plan, it’s easy to build on top of your DirecTV Now subscription to make your home into a cord-cutter’s paradise. Here are some of the remaining add-ons to mix and match from in order to build your own perfect, custom solution:

Hulu Plus, $7.99 per month
Hulu, maybe the most “plug and play” solution for cord-cutters looking to say goodbye to cable, grants you access to a dynamic collection of new and old TV content with nothing more than a monthly subscription fee. Within a day or two of a show’s original broadcast on cable, it goes online for Hulu subscribers to watch. 

Netflix, $9.99 per month
This might even be the reason you want to quit cable in the first place. Its expansive collection of movies and complete TV series are a cord-cutter essential, and it's only $10 per month.

A digital antenna, about $28
Television signals are still broadcast over the air, you just need a special antenna to catch them. Without any extra plans or service, a digital antenna pulls live signals from major networks. It lets you watch real-time news and sports, all for the cost of a moderately priced gadget. Old-school, yes — and still necessary.

Amazon Prime, $99 per year
Of course, at this price you’re also buying access to Amazon’s hyper-convenient speedy shipping, but its streaming video platform continues to remain a major player as people look to shed conventional TV subscriptions. Not to mention it has an impressive collection of more and more new, original content.

Apple TV, $149
The Apple TV remains a favorite amongst cord-cutters for overall ease of use. It's a one-time expense and one of the easiest ways to get online videos from major providers like those listed above onto your screen.