Ditch The Headphones And Listen To Your Tunes With These Bose Frames

Bose Frames

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Now that the summer is here, you can spend all the free time you have at the beach. One of the best things to do is lay out and enjoy some music. And while you’re at the beach, you would be wise to wear some sunglasses. You may not have thought to do this, but Bose has put headphones and sunglasses together to make the amazingly stylish and convenient Bose Frames.

Who wants to lug a bunch of stuff around with you? You want to consolidate to be as loose and comfortable as possible. You will definitely be that with these Bose Frames. because right off the bat, they’re a great pair of sunglasses. With this sleek, angular design you will look great in them. But not only that, the sun will have a real hard time getting into your eyes. They can block up to 99% of sun rays. Not too shabby.

Bose Frames

But the real selling point here is not that the Bose Frames are great sunglasses. That’s a great benefit, but it is secondary to the headphone’s replacement aspect of them. They have speakers built into the sides of the frames, so they’re right up against your ear. When you have audio pumping in through the Bluetooth connectivity, you will hear crisp audio. But no one else will, so you don’t have to worry about bothering anyone when you’re using them.

You can even use the Bose Frames to make and take calls. There’s a built-in microphone for you to talk on the phone with no issues at all. It’s easy to use them to connect to Siri or whatever equivalent your phone has. And you can listen to music and make calls for a good time thanks to this strong battery it comes with. With a 2 hour charge, your frames will be fully charged and can stream music for 3.5 hours.

How can anyone say no to a pair of frames like these Bose Frames? You can keep the sun out of your eyes and listen to music without bothering anyone, all the while looking really good with them on. And right now, they are on sale at Amazon. So they are even more appealing and easy to buy. So why not head on over to Amazon right now to pick up a pair to make this summer so much more convenient.

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